Randall Goforth Confident in UCLA Secondary

Aug. 15 -- UCLA senior defensive back Randall Goforth spoke about his confidence in the secondary, the upcoming trip to San Bernardino and more...


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On leading the Pac-12 in pass defense and how they need to take the next step:

Last year I felt we did good as a unit, but there is always room for growth. As far as finishing games, you always want to finish games. Hats off to those teams. Just taking this time in camp, learn from last year, learn to play even better from last year. We've been together, some of us, five years. We have to play better.

On Fabian Moreau being back:

He's a big key to our secondary, our defense, and our team. He's a captain. He shows leadership out here and works hard out here every day.  He's a great person on and off the field.

On their play together:

It's me trusting in him, you can leave him on the island to do his thing.  Me, just running to the ball, showing great effort. Coach said the ball is coming to you. He made a great play on the ball. 

On how playing corner in spring helped him:

It helped tremendously because I'm a versatile player. I can play corner, nickel or safety. In the spring, playing corner, it helped me a lot. Now that I'm back at safety, it helps to know the defense better and where everybody needs to be. It helps my game.

On playing with Jaleel Wadood:

I've known Jaleel since we were little kids, playing out here is like playing street ball with one of my friends.  Playing out here is like playing with one of my best friends.  He'll give me a look and we'll know what to do. We're like two sharks out there. We may not be big, but we have big hearts.

On getting bigger in the secondary:

Everybody has to get bigger and stronger. That's the goal of every team in the country. We had an emphasis on hitting the weight room hard and we've done that. I've done what I need to do. We have a great coaching staff, a great conditioning staff and Coach (Sal) Alosi has gotten me where I need to be.

On if the offseason was harder:

It's not about what's harder. Coach Alosi, we have the greatest strength and conditioning staff in the country.  He knows what he's doing. I follow along with the process and whatever program he has, and I feel better with what we're doing.

On how they get through San Bernardino:

Literally taking it day by day.  Not counting down the days. Staying in the now, in the meetings and practice, focusing on things in practice and meetings, something to get better at. That will help it go by pretty well.

On dealing with the heat:

This is my fifth time, it's been over 100. My freshman year was the hottest it's ever been.  Approaching it with a positive mindset, there is nothing you can do about the weather.  You focus on your teammates and coaches and that will help it.

On the first week in Westwood then going to San Bernardino:

I like it, with the changes. Coming out here and working, getting a home feel, with everything, then going and changing the weather. It's good for us, for the first game, having to change the weather.

On how San Bernardino strengthens them:

San Bernardino definitely helps us get away from the distractions and city life. Being one with others.  The team bond, the camaraderie. I like it out there, I've always liked it out there and it's good for the team.

On advice to young:

I'd tell them to find an older guy, take it day by day, see the positives, hydrate, get some sleeps and everything will be fine.

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