UCLA Cornerback Fabian Moreau Talks Return From Injury

Aug. 13 -- UCLA senior cornerback Fabian Moreau spoke about his return to the field, which wide receivers he's been impressed with and more...


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On being back out participating:

It has been everything.  Being out here with my teammates.  To be able to play the game I love.  I'm blessed. I'm happy to be back out here.

On how hard it was to sit last year:

It was frustrating not being able to go to battle with them.  Like I wasn't a part of the time. But I'm back now, and I'm happy to be back there.

On who's stepped up in the secondary:

I feel like everyone has stepped up, found their role.  Nate Meadors has really come along, Marcus Rios, Octavius Spencer, everyone is stepping up and has a role to play.

On what has been the biggest challenge in his return:

I'm just having fun. I don't look at it as a challenge. But having fun, playing the game I love, back with my teammates, I'm blessed.

On if he thinks about his foot injury:

I don't think about the foot, honestly.

On where his pain level was in the BYU game:

It was definitely a 10 out of 10. I wanted to be out there with my family.  I couldn't walk.  I knew something was wrong. But I had to finish the game.

On if being out made him realize how fun it was:

I love the game and everything about it. Just being injured, and away from my teammates, it was hard. I'm just happy to be back.

On if he approaches it differently now:

I approach football the same way, to give it my all every single time.

On what the secondary can accomplish at full strength after leading the conference in pass defense:

Because of Coach Meat, we were able to do that.  He tells us that one man down, next man up.  We bought into that.  And last year, we were excellent at that.

On if that's their goal:

We just come out here every single day and work every day to be the best we can be. The more we can do that, it will handle itself.

On the most difficult receiver to match up with:

I feel they're all difficult, we have a great receivers corps. Kenny Walker is really good. Eldridge (Massington) is getting really good. Jordan Lasley, Ishmael Adams, Buck, we call him Buck, Alex Van Dyke. He's coming along strong. We have a great receiving corps, we have all the intangibles.  You have to know that to cover them.

On going up against Ishmael Adams:

Ishmael is a dog.  It's great to come out and go against him, he's so quick and so fast. It gives us a different look.

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