Aaron Miller Will Wait Until End of the Season

Probably the #1 cornerback prospect in the west is taking time making his decision, but he talks about one school in particular quite a bit...

Aaron Miller, 5-11, 175, 4.4, Fresno (Calif.) Edison, said now that he's in the middle of his football season, he's put recruiting somewhat on the back burner.

"I'm relaxing when it comes to recruiting," Miller said. "I'm not looking to decide where to go for a while. So, I have no favorite right now and keeping it open."

Miller, in his first game two weeks ago, said South Bakersfield didn't throw the ball much his way. He did, though, block a punt, which is one of his specialties (he blocked four during his junior season), and on offense caught one pass for 25 yards.

And even though Miller didn't say he had a favorite, he did say, "I like UCLA a lot. My mom lives down in L.A., so it'd be close and I could see her. The academics are important, and UCLA has good academics. [UCLA junior] Ricky Manning used to play for Edison, and I know him. We're not real, real close, but I talk to him. They're one of the schools recruiting me the hardest. And they're definitely one of the schools I want to visit."

When it comes to the Manning connection, Miller said that he'd prefer that Manning doesn't go pro after this season. "If he has a big year, he could leave and get drafted. I'd rather have him there, help me with college life and stuff. But it really won't affect my decision if he does go. I'll probably ask him after their season if he's going to go."

The other schools Miller is considering are USC, Cal, Oklahoma, Tennessee and LSU. He said if he had to pick which schools he'd visit right now it'd be UCLA, Oklahoma, USC, LSU and Tennessee.

So far, UCLA, Cal and USC have offered, and UCLA was the first to offer. "LSU said they're thinking they're going to send me an offer soon," Miller said.

He hasn't arranged any official visits yet. "I haven't thought about it too much. I'm not doing that until probably the end of the football season, the week after our season's over. I don't want to commit early since I might regret it. I want to wait and take my visits and then after that I'll choose," he said.

Other factors that are going to affect Miller's decision are location, the potential success of the program, and the possibility of immediate playing time. "I want to stay close to home," Miller said. "But I want to go to a program that has good away games, too. My parents would then be able to go to my games, get out and see parts of the country." Miller says he wants the program he chooses to have both talented young players but a chance for him to play early. "I'll be looking at how good they are, but also if they have a lot of good young players. I'm looking for a school that's young and good. I want to be able to come in as a true freshman and play. Not particularly start, but get playing time, so I can get used to the game. But I want the team to have good young players so we're good for the years I'm there. And good players challenge you. I love challenges, it picks my game up more."

Miller currently has a 2.7 GPA but said he's really dedicating himself to studies this year and wants to bring it up to "over 3.0." He took the ACT before, didn't study and didn't pass. He's planning to take it again this Saturday and has studied hard for it. "My grandma has been on my everyday. She's not going to let me down and I can't let her down."

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