Josh Rosen (Photo by Steve Cheng)

More UCLA Practice Photos

Aug. 16 -- BRO photographer Steve Cheng turned in some excellent photos from the showcase-like practice Saturday in Westwood...

© Steve Cheng. All Rights Reserved.

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Conor McDermott
Austin Kent
Caleb Wilson and Coach Rip Scherer
Craig Myers
Randall Goforth and Jaleel Wadood
Jordan Lasley over Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson interception
Mike Fafaul hands off to Bolu Olorunfunmi
Breland Brandt and Jayon Brown
Cameron Judge and Leni Toailoa
Josh Woods
Cameron Judge
Coach White with Krys Barnes
Jayon Brown
Breland Brandt
Coach White and Lokeni Toailoa
Willie Green
Coach Robert Thomas and Breland Brandt
Krys Barnes
Kenny Young
Isaako Savaiinaea
Lokeni Toailoa
Mike Fafaul
Devon Modster
Josh Rosen
Josh Rosen and Austin Roberts
Josh Rosen
Nate Starks
Michael Alves (OL)
Marcus Rios and Alex VanDyke fight for the ball
Christian Pabico (27, WR) and Charles Dawson (24, CB)
Ishmael Adams sprints away from DeChaun Holiday
Jordan Lasley vs Denzel Fisher
Jordan Lasley vs Adarius Pickett
Ishmael Adams
Nate Iese (11, TE) vs Tahaan Goodman (21, S)


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Photo Gallery: Fall Camp Day 6, Saturday (2 of 2)

Nate Iese over Tahaan Goodman
Nate Iese makes the catch
Josh Rosen throws during one on ones
Josh Rosen
Denzel Fisher blankets Ishmael Adams
Mossi Johnson stretches for a pass from Mike Fafaul

The ball bounces off Johnson’s fingertips
Coach Jim Mora encourages Mossi Johnson
Christian Pabico vs Keyon Riley
Ishmael Adams’ helmets comes off as he fights for position in the endzone against Tahaan Goodman
Coach Demetrice Martin ducks out of the way
Kenny Walker over Johnny Johnson
Mossi Johnson vs Jaleel Wadood
Mossi Johnson makes the catch over Jaleel Wadood
Mossi Johnson
Mike Fafaul
Ishmael Adams
Josh Rosen
Kenny Walker beats Johnny Johnson
Zac Byrge (30, RB)
Kahlil Muhammad
Eldridge Massington
Alex VanDyke over Johnny Johnson
Alex VanDyke fights for extra yards
Randall Goforth hits Ishmael Adams
Josh Rosen with Kolton Miller and Jacob Tuioti-Mariner
Darren Andrews and Jaleel Wadood
Darren Andrews and Jaleel Wadood
Darren Andrews
Rosen throws to Austin Roberts
Rosen throws to Austin Roberts
Randall Goforth tackles Austin Roberts
Austin Roberts
Rosen hands off to Soso Jamabo
Soso Jamabo slips the tackle of Jacob Tuioti-Mariner
Soso Jamabo
Soso Jamabo
Soso Jamabo dives into the endzone
Nate Starks fights for yards
The pocket collapses on Josh Rosen
Josh Rosen scrambles into the endzone to end the scrimmage
Matt Lynch 
Josh Woods got clawed in the neck by an offensive lineman 
Kolton Miller and Conor McDermott

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