Josh Rosen Talks UCLA Offense Progress

Aug. 15 -- UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen spoke after the first practice session in San Bernardino, saying the offense is building confidence...

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On being in San Bernardino:

It doesn’t get easier to adapt, you just get into a routine and know what to expect so you can attack each day.

On working without the knee brace:

Usually with spiders, I like being more flexible and mobile.  When we put shoulder pads on, I’ll put it on.  I’m trying to be cautious, in case guys put in some extra effort, but in spiders and soft pads, I won’t wear one. But in shoulder pads, I do.

On developing chemistry with the receivers:

I’m starting to learn their body language. It helps in shoulder pads, because you can kind of tell the shape of the pads when they break out of routes. Each has a different style to their routes. Kenny Walker runs his routes differently than Alex Van Dyke. So I’m learning each one.

On how big summer was in learning the body language:

It was big. A lot of summer is just physically getting ready for training camp. We had a lot of productive throwing sessions.  But it was something to build off of, instead of starting from ground zero.

On the weather:

It doesn’t matter, hot or cold, we’re going to play.

On what value there is in San Bernardino:

It eliminates distractions. There is something to being in an environment like L.A., where you have to tune out the distractions. Then you can also force the hand be at a place where there are less distractions. At UCLA, there were youth soccer camps, or you saw other athletes there, so you had to be in the zone. But on the flip side, there is nothing UCLA about this place, so you can get here, tune out, bond together as a team and get better.

On if they got their cell phones taken:

Not this year. We’ve had some productive practices this last week and today, so we’ve adjusted accordingly.

On incorporating TE’s and FB’s into the offense:

It helps our offense obviously, but it helps our defense a lot more. When they see a lot more looks and we’re not running inside zone every play, our defensive front gets used to seeing more, they’ll get hit from the side, they’ll get pullers, and it helps our defensive front and our safeties learn to play against bigger bodies. It helps against teams like the Stanford’s.  And then you throw Ish (Adams) in there, it helps against the faster Oregon’s.  It’s also about giving our defense a lot of looks.

On Ainuu Taua at fullback:

He’s hilarious. He’s a good 300 and he can definitely move. He gets some energy going.

On his roommates in camp:

I’m with Scotty Q (Quessenberry) and Nate Starks.


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