UCLA Cornerback Nate Meadors Building Comfort in Role

Aug. 16 -- UCLA cornerback Nate Meadors spoke about his role in the secondary, the expectations for the unit and more following practice in San Bernardino...


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On being back in San Bernardino:

It’s great to be back here.  You just have to embrace it. That’s why we come out here.  Embrace the challenge and get better. 

On being in his hometown:

It’s pretty cool.  I have a lot of family and friends out here watching, able to display my talents in front of my teammates.  Someone out every practice. 

On if he prepares his teammates for San Bernardino:

Just the young guys.  The old guys, they already know, they’ve been here a while, they know the heat. The young guys, we tell them they just have to embrace it.  It will be their downfall if they don’t embrace it. 

On if the heat is average temperature:

It’s cooler than it usually is. I’m loving it right now. 

On what they get out of San Bernardino:

The camaraderie, coming together, being away from L.A.  We don’t have TV’s, so we come together and bound.  That’s our main overall goal.

On just having one week in San Bernardino:

It’s great. We enjoyed doing more team bonding out there (in L.A.), this is more of a workload out here. 

On if there is a competition opposite Fabian Moreau:

We’re all going to compete in the game. It’s not the 1’s or the 2’s, we’ll all get reps. But this is a competition for sure. 

On how he’s grown as a player:

I feel me knowing the playbook and getting faster and stronger has allowed me to play well and play more freely and more with my instincts.  It’s more fun and not as challenging.

On having a set group in the secondary:

It’s great.  Running out, every play, playing corner.  Its great to have a sub who can play just as hard as you, just as good as you. 

On if his high school coach (former UCLA player Ron Gueringer) will come out to watch:

He’s going to come out on Saturday.  It will be pretty cool playing in front of him.  He played there, played fullback.  It’s pretty cool going to his alma mater. It’s fun.

On how he’s improved:

Just knowing the plays really, allows me to play more freely. Just getting stronger, bigger, faster, it allows me to play better in the field. 

On the experience last summer:

I came in early, but I almost forgot everything, like coming in like a regular freshman. It was hard.  Now that I know everything, it’s smooth.

On if he was satisfied with his freshman year:

I want to do more. I had high expectations.  But I’m satisfied with it. I did a lot on special teams and I was able to start a couple games at the end of the season.  I’m just going to try and have a great season.

On if he thinks about the Colorado game (which he sealed the win with an interception):

Not really, its behind me. But sometimes people will ask me about it.  It was fun, going out there and making that play.

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