Ainuu Taua Happy With New Role

Aug. 17 -- UCLA fullback Ainuu Taua spoke about his role in the offense, his past experience at fullback and more following Day 2 in San Bernardino...

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On the offseason throwing sessions:

It was just some routes, getting together, getting some work in. 

On how helpful it was:

I definitely worked on my catching as I ran. I was used to catching it standing still.  But it was running routes, and catching the ball.

On the workouts:

It was on the practice field at UCLA.  Probably everyone that was a skill player, a good group of guys. We did it every week, at least twice. 

On how his offensive background helped him get acclimated:

It helped me understand who I should get with the offense we’re running because we ran a similar offense in high school. I had to know who blocks who and how it’s going to develop.  Refresh it in my mind. 

On initiating contact now:

I like it.  It’s violent.  You get to go hit somebody. I can’t wait to see what it’s like to do that in a game.  It’s fun so far.

On how he complements Cam Griffin:

Cam is the speed, I’m the weight. He can bang, he’s a banger. I miss Cam. I hope we can get him back and heals fast.

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