Tom Bradley Talks Camp Intensity

Aug. 17 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke about the progress in stopping the run, camp intensity and more following Wednesday's morning session in San Bernardino...

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On if things are getting chippier in camp:

You noticed that today. One of the things that happened, defensively we weren't on top of our game.  I think that caused some of the chippiness.  We had a lot of mental mistakes to fight through when we're tired and Coach Mora is talking them through that.  It can't be just the coaches, it's gotta be the guys between the lines.

On what they chalk it up to:

It's a learning experience. We made a point of it and there we are in a two minute situation. If it happens in practice, it will happen in a game. You can't say 'I won't do it in the game'.  In a situation like that, the game on the line, 4th and 16, and we punch somebody and an automatic first down? Not good.  

On if he'll talk with Takk McKinley about it:

Absolutely, we'll talk with the whole defense about it. Poise is something we have to have at all times. That's one of the things we've tried to emphasize.  Penalties, that's a huge thing. A lot of them are careless penalties.  The ones that are careless, offsides, hands in the back, what went on there, we have to keep our poise.

On how quickly that changes:

A lot of that has to do with how we progress.  It's on us as coaches. We have to constantly talk about it. If you nitpick it enough, they'll be tired of listening to you and pick it up.

On developing a culture of less penalties:

An aggressive penalty, it happens. It's the careless penalty, getting in a fight, non aggressive penalties, those are the ones that kill drives or help drives.

On Deon Hollins:

The doctors handle that, whatever the protocol is.  

On the linebackers:

Scotty White is constantly cross training.  I wouldn't read anything in to it.  Josh Woods is playing Sam, Will or Mike.  I wouldn't read into what they're playing because he mixes and matches. They're always crosstraining.

On if there is a day they purposely run up the intensity:

We didn't plot that. We're not that smart.  I think this group and staff is always intense. We want to get it where the players take charge.  That was Coach Mora's plan.  It's there football team.  We want them to step up in situations. That's what you need.  One kid will come over and say 'Coach, I got it."

On if anyone has done that:

Not yet, but it's early. There are a lot of things going in. As they get more comfortable, they'll play faster.

On Eddie Vanderdoes:

If you watch Eddie every day, he's starting to get his legs back.  He had been off for a whole year. We're aware of being sensitive to getting him back in the flow. But every day, you see something.  

On Fabian Moreau:

Fabian is invaluable to this football team.  He's an excellent leader.  He understands what has to be done. That part is invaluable to this team.

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