UCLA WR Kenny Walker Sees Self Improvements

Aug. 18 -- UCLA wide receiver Kenny Walker spoke about his improvements, working with Josh Rosen and praised true freshman Theo Howard...


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On the summer workouts:

It was very helpful.  We went over a lot of plays. It was a lot of offensive camaraderie.  As a team and an offense, we got better and got ahead and got through the playbook early. 

On what the benefit was:

We hang out more often than back then. I think it was finding something in common. Its finding something in common we like together and using it to build off.

On how the receivers are shaping up:

As a unit, we’re doing real well. There are a lot of plays going in.  Everyone is staying focused. We just keep studying our playbooks.  Here and there, we throw in different motions and formations but it was the same play. It all comes down to people studying and getting in their playbook.

On his own biggest improvement:

For me, it’s been catching the ball.  Catching the ball in tight areas.  I think it was a mentality.  Being more focused and having more confidence and telling myself I could play at this level and if I want to go to the next level, I had to catch the ball.

On if he studied the playbook more:

Yeah, it’s a huge playbook.  I’ve been studying it a lot.

On if it’s the most complex offense he’s studied:

Yeah, definitely.

On how much he spends:

At least 30 minutes a night. But for me, I have to do it out here.  I need to see it.

On his opportunity this year:

I think of it as a unit, not just me, but getting everybody as a whole better.

On if he’s the fastest guy on the team:

I can do that one. Yeah, I am. I am the fastest on the team.

On how track has helped him:

It helps really well. I’ve been doing track since I was ten. It’s about form.  It was hard to get my shoulder pads down.  But it helped with my conditioning and top end speed and getting open and going over the type and being a deep threat.

On running in the UCLA-USC meet:

I didn’t know I was going to compete. Finally, I was like, just go out there and run and do what you do, and I finished in 3rd place.  If I had trained more, I would have won the Pac-12. I had been there for a week. 

On if he’s watching the Olympics:

Oh yeah, definitely.  I got pumped up watching the hurdles, I was a hurdler in high school. I got pumped up watching that Jamaican guy.

On if there was a turning point from track to football:

Track was always my first one, but I’m falling more in love with football.  Ever since my senior year, I had a bad senior year in track. I said if I won state, I’ll run in college, but I messed up my back, so my main focus was football. 

On which other receiver has impressed him:

Overall, Theo.  Theo is going to be nice. I promise you, I’m saying it now, Theo is going to be a top receiver.  At UCLA.  The top receiver.  This year.  The dude is an athlete, he has hands, he can catch, has a catch radius, and his route running is phenomenal.  His feet are real good. If I would have come in like that, it would have been a whole different story. But him coming in like that, it’s over.  He came out yesterday, and I told him to sit it out, no point in pushing it.

On keeping the energy up in camp:

I feel like it has to come from within you. People can be hyped around you, but if you’re not into it, you have to buy into it.  The hardest part of buying in is the mental thing.


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