Rick Wade Talks UCLA Fall Camp

Aug. 18 -- Redshirt freshman Rick Wade spoke about the depth at along the defensive line, his battles with Andre James and more in San Bernardino...


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On tensions rising in camp:

You know how it is, every year at camp, tensions get high. We’re really doing good and focusing on being more of a team. Coach (Jim) Mora is emphasizing that a lot and I think we’re doing good at that.

On if they self-police:

No, we don’t need to, it’s between those two guys.  Sometimes tensions get high, but we’re all teammates, so it’s all good.

On where he’s progressed:

I feel like I’ve gotten a lot bigger and stronger.  I’ve remained quick. That’s been good. I’ve been working on my pass rush a lot. That’s helping.  My size helps me take on double teams better. I still hustle to the ball.

On the 4-3:

I feel we’ve definitely made strides. With four down, it’s been a huge help. Last night, we really did excellent. Coach Mora has been pushing it on this end.

On how he fits in the depth:

There are a lot of people who can fit in at a lot of different spots. On the D-Line, we’re very versatile and very strong. We can all interchange and all know each other’s posotions. Coach Angus makes sure we really know our assignments which helps a lot.

On working against power offense in practice:

It will help a lot. Practice is more physical.  Seeing the double teams, fullbacks, tight ends, it really helps us.  It will translate into the season.

On how they’ll prepare for non-power offense:

We’re still conditioned well.  Playing against power offenses can only help, it makes you stronger.  You can work your hands. We go game to game. We’ll go against scout teams and get our looks against those types of offense.

On going against Andre James:

Andre is a great power, has a great punch.  He’s helped me a lot. We kind of get after it.  He’s one of my good friends, so it helps a lot.  The competition helps a lot.

On Coach Bradley getting after them today:

It was hard to get going, but I feel the D-Line is pretty good and pretty focused. We might be quiet at times, but we picked it up.

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