UCLA's Alex Van Dyke Confident in WR Group

Aug. 18 -- Alex Van Dyke spoke about UCLA's wide receiver group, his own progression and body transformation and more in San Bernardino...


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On if he did the offseason throwing sessions:

The player run practices? Yeah, I did.  We came together, we had stuff we needed to work on, Josh had the game plan, we followed through on it.  It helped build our relationship with him and get our timing on the routes.

On the receiver corps after personnel losses:

As a unit, we’re getting better. Having chemistry with the quarterbacks, the routes are getting better.

On his nickname ‘Buck’:

Earlier in my career, I got the nickname ‘Bambi’ because I stumbled in my routes.  I hit the weight room, got stronger, and the product of that is now ‘Buck’.

On improving lower body strength:

I really needed the lower body strength.  I went to Coach Alosi, concentrated on that area and it translated it on the field.

On how he’s grown:

I was front squatting and now I’m back squatting. I know I’m stronger.

On what his goals are:

I just want to be the most consistent receiver on the field and help.

On Theo Howard:

Theo has great talent.  We’re all great receivers. Anyone can step up and be the best. I’m happy with our group.

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