Mora Quickly Updates Player Status Thursday

Aug. 18 -- Head coach Jim Mora updated the status of various players after practice Thursday...

If the video doesn't work for you, try this version:

Opening statement:

The guys are working their tails off and having fun doing it. They're very competitive. I'm very pleased with where we are right now.

On the injured players:

Kenny Lacy hurt his knee.  Went out and did an MRI, it's negative, he'll be back up tomorrow. Deon Hollins is creeping his way back towards practicing, as well as Cam Griffin.  They're both in meetings now.  Breland (Brandt) just twisted his knee, he should be ok.  Takk (McKinley), his groin, but he should be ok.  We were doing well on the injury front.  Alex Van Dyke, we pulled him out, his groin has been tight.  They're doing well in all areas.

On Theo Howard:

The thing that helped Theo was he was here for spring.  If he didn't have spring, I would have said he was set back, but he had spring practice. Plus he's so smart and studious and knowing what he's supposed to do.  He has a great idea.

On matching up Howard against Fabian Moreau:

It was competition, we want competition all the time. I thought it would be a good matchip for Theo and for Fabian.

On Jacob Tuioti-Mariner:

It was weird, in stretch, he had pain in his side, and he has appendicitis, it looks like.  We're trying to decide what he's going to do.  We'll decide if he'll have surgery and get them out, or put him on antibiotics and get it to go away.  Our doctor's will make the right decision as well as his family.  That was yesterday.

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