Frosh WR Theo Howard on Returning to Practice

Aug. 19 -- Freshman receiver Theo Howard talked about returning to the field after sitting out a portion of fall camp, and having a role on the team this season...

Theo Howard talked about San Bernardino and returning from a hamstring injury in fall camp. 

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On being back at practice:

I’m feeling good.  It took a while.  Just getting back on the hamstring, with the trainers. They helped me build all my strength and it feels good to be back on the field.

On if he felt ready before:

Not quite ready yet.  It was taking me a while to ice it.

On if he feels he’s back up to speed:

I feel like I’m back up to speed.  It wasn’t too much of a harsh injury.

On if he’s favoring it or monitoring:

I’m still monitoring it. I always want to keep it healthy and make sure it’s fully recovered.

On going against Fabian Moreau at end of practice:

It was good. I didn’t expect it. I don’t usually go against Fabian in 1on1’s.  It was good competition and to see when I go up against a good DB to help me get better.

On what Moreau said to him at the end of practice:

He was saying good job.  It was good competition.

On if he was held on the goal line by Moreau:

You could say both of us had a little tussle.

On Kenny Walker’s praise of him:

I appreciate that. I’m definitely not where I want to be but I’m trying to work on being there and being a good teammate. It’s a process.

On how important coming in for spring was:

It was huge.  I know a lot of freshman who came in at receiver, they’re having a tough time learning the playbook. We’re all coming along and trying to help, but I definitely think it was really smart of me to come in early and learn the playbook.

On his playbook study system:

I don’t really have a study system. Whenever I have free time or in the office with Coach Yarbs or the other receivers.  Write notes down in meetings.

On San Bernardino:

It’s been great. I enjoy it out here, it’s a place you can get away and focus on football. I’m having fun out here.  We’re almost done, so we’ll finish it up.

On if there is a sense of camaraderie:

Definitely.  It’s a place to focus on football and everyone has bonding time and having fun in meetings and embracing each other.

On what they did as a team:

Just football. When we’ve been here for two weeks like in the past, we went to Bruin Woods, but for us its just football and we bonded.

On the offseason compared to high school:

It was different. Waking up at 6 or 7 for the weight room, running sprints to improve my stamina.  I felt like I improved.

On his size:

Right now I’m 180. I’d like to get to 185 and keep my speed.

On what he wants to improve on:

My physicality. I can improve on everything overall, my route running, my hands, my physical, my mental.

On his biggest strength:

I’d like to say my hands.  Others might say other things, but I’d say my hands.

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