UCLA Coach Angus McClure Talks Defensive Line Health

Aug. 19 -- UCLA defensive line coach Angus McClure spoke about the health of his position group, the benefits of San Bernardino and the acclimation of true freshman Boss Tagaloa...

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Opening statement:

We had an outstanding practice today.  A lot of situational work in today, a lot of special teams stuff, a lot of end of game stuff. I know Coach Mora was extremely happy with practice. We look forward to tonight in full pads.

On what they work on off the field:

Thats the great thing about coming to San Bernardino, we're pulling them away from Westwood, putting them in a situation with their teammates all the time. Guys aren't in a hurry to go back to their dorms or apartments or see their girlfriends or buddies. Everybody kind of hangs out here, we have extra time. If guys want additional filmwork or coaching, anything to do on the side, we do it. We take advantage of it. The guys in the program 4-5 years, they're teaching the younger guys.  'Hey stay after with Coach Angus, work on your club rip move, your assignments.' I stay after and work on guys with special teams. That's the advantage.

On the freshman only having one week in San Bernardino:

I think they're missing out. I love coming out. It's football time. Again, we're just locked in and focusing on Bruin football. 

On the D-Line health:

Good, we're at that time in camp, we're well in to week two.  Some bumps and bruises, but overall, our health is good. A lot has to do with our offseason program. I think Coach Alosi does an outstanding job of having our guys prepared. We all know, you can do all that stuff off the field, but you have to be in football shape, and for that, you have to play football.  They'll come out, be challenged and work hard tonight.

On Eddie Vanderdoes:

Eddie is in the high 90's. He's flashed the last couple of days. He's really ballistic off the line of scrimmage, worked on some secondary moves on his pass rush. He's looked really good. I consider him full strength.

On the community of San Bernardino:

I feel it on this campus. A closeness on this campus, whether in the dining commons, the dorms. People make sure we're taken care of.  It is a community here at Cal State University here.

On how his teaching has changed with a four man front:

It hasn't changed, technique wise, but schematically it's changed. We've focused on guys knowing their assignments. And knowing what the guys next to them are doing. We're using a lot of personnel.  You see someone like Matt Dickerson, he can play multiple positions. Jacob Tuioti-Mariner can play two, Eddie can play two, Eli (Ankou) can play two. Rick Wade can play two. Keisean Lucier-South can play two. We have guys that can do multiple things.  The guys have done a really nice job learning their assignments. Spring ball, those 15 practices really helped, and now coming out and redefining every thing, they're doing a nice job.

On Jacob Tuioti-Mariner:

He'll be back out here tonight. If the antibiotics work, and things work, we'll be in great shape.

On Boss Tagaloa:

Boss works extremely hard. Guys staying after and learning, Boss is taking advantage of that. I rolled him in with the one's and he looked outstanding.  He'll play multiple positions and happy with his progress.

On if Tagaloa will contribute as a freshman:

Yes.  He's competing for a starting spot, as of right now, he's not (starting). I'm pushing to see how he does against our 1's.

On focusing on the positives to 18-year olds:

A lot of these guys come from high school, and they're the most valuable players in high school. They come and they meet a challenge here. We're UCLA and we play a high caliber of football. They have to compete. And they have to compete to get on scout teams. And guys have to adjust to that and that's where coaches and older players have to mentor them and stay positive with them. A lot of these guys are away from home for the first time and have to get acclimated to that and the academic rigors of summer school. There are a lot of challenges for these guys.  

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