UCLA Safety Tahaan Goodman Ready to Hit

Aug. 20 -- UCLA senior safety Tahaan Goodman spoke about San Bernardino, his urge to start hitting at full speed and his role in the nickel defense...


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On being in San Bernardino for a shorter time:

The freshman don't experience how crazy it was for us.  It's been very beneficial for us, though. We're not worn out.  We're more positive and getting more things done with more reps.

On the qualities he brings:

My specific quality that I bring is I'm the hype man, I can spark the team up and our defense up. I can come out and be aggressive and make the plays we need so we can all come together. I feel like I'm a great communicator. I like to call down and distance and call out everything I see.

On what they do off the field to come together:

I feel like, me specifically, I hang out with all the guys on the team. With the DBs, go to movies, hang out, they come to my house, we eat.  It's tje best thing you can do. Not everyone having cliques or being separate, but coming together and hanging out.  Everything is good, the camp structure, the team bonding.  The best team bonding is when we don't have to come together, but we still do.

On being with the one's:

Our DBs are great because we can play any position. We know the corners, I know the safeties, nickel, dime. Any packages we can put together to make the right matchups is perfect.

On controlling his big hitting in camp:

A little bit, I try to be as aggressive as I can. I try to bring as much aggressiveness as I can without hurting my teammates.

On being excited to get to hit during the season:

It is exciting, I'm just ready to be able to get in a game and really go all out and feel like I can do whatever I want and be free.

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