UCLA Senior Cameron Judge Feels in Sync With Linebacker Group

Aug. 19 -- After being a major contributor on special teams his first three years, UCLA senior Cameron Judge talks about his role, the battle at middle linebacker and more...


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On the inside linebacker battle with Isaako Savaiinaea and Kenny Young:

I'm comfortable out there with either one of them. They both have a good feel for the game. Wheoever ends up taking the starting position, I'm going to be happy with. I trust both of them on the field and they'll both get the job done.

On how they're different:

They have a lot of similarities, it would be tough to nitpick a lot of differences. Either one out there, I'm in the right hands, they'll be where they're supposed to be. Its a good feeling to know we've got that depth there.

On the freshman only being in San Bernardino for a week when previous teams were there for two:

I don't mind, we're only doing one week as well. I don't have any complaints either way. Life's not fair.  

On if they're hesitating to only do one week in San Bernardino:

I don't think so. We had a good week of work in Westwood.  This has been one of the better camps I've been a part of.  I feel like that week in Westwood was able to get our minds ready for camp. I feel like we came in to San Bernardino more prepared than ever and attacked it more than ever.

On what has made this camp so much better:

I feel like the energy, the attitudes, everyone is ready to work everyday. The morale of the team is higher than it's been in other years.

On opening with Texas A&M:

We've been talking about it since it got scheduled. We're just taking it one week at a time, once the game week comes, it will really hit us. I think we'll be ready for it.

On his weight:

I'm 226 right now, but came in at 230, so I'm holding on to my weight a little better this year coming in to San Bernardino.  I'll probably try to get that weight back on when I get out of here.  I played last year at 214.

On going with the 1's in camp:

It has been great and a good feeling, carrying over since spring. Our communication is through the charts.  Everyone knows where everyone else is doing.  It's been nice being out there.

On the fire in San Bernardino:

The first day we saw the smoke clouds billowing up, so we thought about it, but then you could tell it was headed the other way.  Cancelling practice just affects us in the long run.

On the defensive experience:

One of the most helpful things there is, a guy like Jayon, I've been with him for four years.  We all know each other's personalities and helps us flow better than anything we could ask for.  You can pretty much just look and you know what you've got to do, the tweaks to make, trust him to do what he's doing.  It's just so helpful.

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