UCLA Assistant Coach Eric Yarber Pleased With Wide Receiver Group

Aug. 19 -- UCLA wide receivers coach Eric Yarber spoke about the progress of his group this fall camp, the improvement of Kenny Walker and more...

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On confidence level with receivers through first two weeks:

They're working hard. They're giving great effort. They're learning their assignments. We're not where we want to be, but we're getting better every day and that's what I want to see, improving tremendously every day.

On if guys are separating themselves:

It's fierce competition. Iron sharpens iron and each of those guys are getting better.  Everybody is stepping up their play.

On Darren Andrews:

He's had a very good camp. He's caught everything thrown to him. He's running great routes, competing every snap, every one on one he's competing.  He does fly under the radar. A lot of people don't know about him. He speaks softly and carries a big stick. He's a fierce competitor, he's fiery out there and I love what he's doing out there.

On if he's surprised he's under the radar:

I hope all of our guys are under the radar, then when the season starts, they come out of nowhere and surprise people.

On Kenny Walker:

No doubt, he's made tremendous strides.  He's catching the ball. His concentration, he's on the juggs after every practice and making a conscious effort to watch the ball in all the way to the tuck and it shows in a bunch of improvement.

On Jordan Lasley:

One thing I asked him before camp was more consistency.  I told him to give me great effort, know your asignments and that's what he's done. I'm proud of what he's done. He's kind of maturing.  I don't want to say that and wish bad luck on me, but he's matured a whole bunch and I love what I've seen from him. 

On Mossi Johnson:

Mossi is Mr. Steady. He's like Ish, the pit bull of the group and brings toughness. He has that grittiness you want to see in all your receivers. 

On Theo Howard:

I missed him when he had that hamstring injury but he's come back and making spectacular plays. He has great body control, hands, quickness, speed, change of direction, burst. He's almost a complete receiver.  But just have to get him to play more physical now, get him in the weight room. Right now, the DB's are trying to rough him up a little. It's more in the run game, he's quick enough to get out of his jam. He's got to be strong enough to get off the line. He's learning, he's taking to new techniques and he's growing as a receiver.

On Dymond Lee:

I kind of made a note, 'you been on the Juggs lately' and he's like, 'Coach, I'm a quarterback.'  I already have Ish (from another position) but you can't have too many weapons.

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