Josh Rosen on His and Offense's Development

Aug. 22 -- Sophomore quarterback Josh Rosen talked about his improvement this fall, and how the players have grown in the new offensive scheme...

On training camp:

I think we were very productive. We wanted to accomplish what we wanted to accomplish and did very well.  

On how he felt he performed:

It felt good. The whole team has taken steps forward each and every practice.

On the offensive line:

I have a lot more responsibility calling out protections and have a little more on my plate, so the offensive line is working their butt off. And we'll be solid by the end of the year.

On the offense:

I love it. I'm really excited.

On what more responsibility he's facing:

Who to throw the ball to. Calling our protections. Nothing insane. It's football, you do what you have to do.

On the protection responsibilities he has:

It's the same stuff, I'm just a little more in-tuned to what's going on.

On if the receiver chemistry is improving:

Yeah  With time, you get to know body language, how their pads move coming in and out of breaks.

On Texas A&M:

We watched some film on them and actually started formally looking at them today.

On if facing the Mazzone's gives him any extra oomph:

No, because if you're not playing with all the oomph you've got, you've got issues.

On if he's been in contact with the Mazzone's:

Not really.

On how the new offense helps:

It will help us in the same sense it hurt us last year. I think we'll be able to be on the field longer and make them tired, and I think their offense will be on the field shorter, also tiring out their defense, which was a problem we had last year, not keeping our defense off the field. We can do that and sort of reverse the cause and effect.

On rooming with Scott Quessenberry:

It's awesome. He's a good friend. The whole team is very close. You don't spend much time in your room at your training camp, you're walking around.  There is nothing much to it.

On how the team dynamic has changed:

Very good. Last year, we had a few too many guys with their heads in the wrong places, either looking ahead or behind, to what has happened or what will happen.  This year, we have guys who are focused in the present and putting aside personal issues and dilemmas for the better of the team and I'm excited the direction everyone is heading.

On Nate Iese:

He's awesome. He's big and athletic. If you were going to create a player on Madden, I'm sure his attributes would be on there.

On the playbook:

Football is football. I don't think you can be a quarterback if X's and O's don't make sense to you naturally. I got the playbook down naturally which allowed me to help others.  I was able to know who was running where and get a grasp of what we're trying to do each play. It really isn;t that much different.  There is nothing incredible complicated, just more options and more pieces to build more plays.

On his teammates reaction to the Sports Illustrated article:

They thought it was funny. Everyone knows me and everyone respects me and I respect everyone on this team. An article is an article, we don't really care much about it. I'm pretty sure not many people read it.  It was cool that I was on the cover. It's just another piece of media that was someone else's perspective that's not in this program. All that really matters is the guys on this team and what they think about you and care about you. The general public doesn't creep into the locker room. And that's one thing we've gotten better at this summer.


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