Eldridge Massington on Chemistry With Rosen

Aug. 23 -- Junior receiver Eldridge Massington talked about how it's taken a while for him and quarterback Josh Rosen to establish some chemistry...

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On building chemistry with Josh Rosen:

It's going good. We've finally started to build a connection and its getting better each day, the more we through, the more we make plays, the more he'll throw us the ball.

On the summer workouts:

I called them, got everybody together to try to build the chemistry and get us started early and not late.

On how they helped:

When you start training camp and catching the ball, it's a shock. But we didn't have that shock.  We just came right in and got rolling.

On being an organizer:

I was the organizer. It was between me and Josh and the quarterbacks.

On the offense now:

The spring was our first time learning everything.  Trying to learn what we were going to do. Now we go in, learn plays, talk to the coaches and pick his brain. Now we've got it. It's on us now.

On the receivers role:

We have brand new receivers and new leaders and guys stepping up. We're more close as a receiver unit than we have been in the past. We hold each other more accountable this year and there will be more people making plays.

On schematic changes:

To me, it's not really a big difference.

On the backup quarterbacks:

I think they're pretty good. We like Devon (Modster), he's pretty good. Matt (Lynch) is pretty good. Mike (Fafaual). We like them. Whoever throws us the ball the most we like.

On their differences:

I feel like Devon is more a Russell Wilson type, smooth and calm and has a lot of poise. Matt has come a long way, he's going to be real good. Mike knows how to, he holds his own. Then we have Josh. Everybody knows Josh.

On the biggest change in Rosen:

He is more of a leader this year. Last year was more him getting adjusted, starting college football. He's more vocal, holding himself more accountable this year and taking on that leadership role.

On being a leader:

I feel like it's a part of what I'm supposed to do.  Make sure the young guys Theo, Audie, Alloway, that they're able to do, stay confident and go out and play.

On if his and Rosen's chemistry is improving:

Yeah, a lot. I feel like he's starting to understand how I run routes. The tricks in what I do, compared to everyone else. We all have our different styles in how I run routes. Like me and KW (Kenny Walker), he's a speedy guy and more shifty. Josh is figuring that out.

On his chemistry with Brett Hundley:

Brett wanted to throw every day but Josh needed to rest his arm so it was built more over time. I feel like we've got it now.

On Ishmael Adams:

Ish can do everything. He reminds me of Antonio Brown. He can go outside and take the top off a defense and take a screen, go in the backfield and take a handoff. He can do everything.

On working with Antonio Brown:

Antonio was like a big brother to me in the offseason. He came out here every day and we worked out with him a lot.  He talked about developing chemistry with our quarterbacks and showing us how to be an NFL receiver.

On Devon Modster's poise:

It's very impressive, most quarterbacks come in and panic, but he stays calm.

On playing in his home state for the opener:

I can't wait to go and play in front of my family. A lot of them coming to the game. A lot of people I don't know asking for tickets. Each player gets four and whoever is not using them lets you have them. Everyone knows Im from Texas so they're helping me out. I told everyone else, only my family is coming. I had to be kind of an a-hole to everyone.

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