UCLA Frosh QB Devon Modster on Jump to College

Aug. 23 -- Freshman quarterback Devon Modster talked about making the transition to college and the difference in the speed of the game...

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On his poise so far:

It’s definitely a lot of change in the speed of the game and the playbook. I’m taking it day by day and trying to get better and helping the team get better.

On if the speed has been tough to adjust to:

A lot of people told me the speed of the game is different as well as the size. If you just work hard and continue to try and get better, you’ll grow to the speed of the game.

On what he needs to work on:

For me, I’d say everything. Footwork, know the offense better, and help the team get better and lead my team.

On how quickly he learned the playbook:

Coach Tui gave me an install thing a couple months before I came and I started looking at it and then they gave me the full playbook.

On the differences from his prep offense:

In high school, I was a lot of spread and I’d never played under center, so I had to get used to that the first couple of weeks.

On the biggest differences:

I would say in the gun, you see the defense a lot better.  Under center, there are more drop steps.

On the quarterback competition:

We definitely compete, but in the quarterback room, we’re all a family and we all get along good.

On Josh Rosen:

Josh is by far one of the smartest guys I’ve met.  When I need help, he helps me out. Same with the other quarterbacks.


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