3-star OL Casey Roddick Is Hoping UCLA Watches

Aug. 24 -- Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure offensive lineman Casey Roddick talked about his top five as his senior season approaches but is hoping to hear more from UCLA...

Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure offensive guard Casey Roddick has a top five as he approaches his senior season.


"It's my top five, out of the scholarships I received, but those are the main five I will consider," said Roddick.  "That could change if I get more offers. Its not set for the final five, that could also change a little more."

For now, Roddick's top five is CaliforniaColoradoOregonOregon State and San Diego State.

There is also communication ongoing with FloridaUCLAUSC and Washington and they'll watch Roddick this fall to determine if they'll join the mix.

But Roddick is pretty happy with the five schools standing out.

He's visited four of them, Oregon State the lone school he's yet to visit.  Interestingly enough, that is the school his father attended.

"I haven't been able to visit Oregon State, but I did visit the other four," said Roddick.  "Oregon State is my dad's alma mater and I do want to visit. I know that I want to take an official visit there."

Roddick said he plans to visit all five schools but the one he's locked in is for Berkeley in mid-September.

"The only one I have for sure is Cal-Texas, that's the only one I locked in," said Roddick.  "I haven't locked in Colorado, Oregon, San Diego State or Oregon State yet."

At Colorado, Roddick said his relationship with the coaching staff is strong.

"Coach Mac (Mike MacIntyre) really preached the whole aspect and Coach (Klayton) Adams did too," said Roddick. "I really liked Colorado and my mom did too.  One thing that stood out was the atmosphere.  And they have brand new facilities and a great thing building there."

Oregon was similar to Roddick.

"I love Oregon with Coach (Mark) Helfrich and he really keyed on the same thing that Coach Mac did and he hits home with me," said Roddick.  "He's like a father figure, you can ask him about anything.  Oregon is very prestigous to me.  I wasn't sold on the materialistic part, but the family atmosphere."

Cal has been high on his list for a while and he's eager to get back up next month.

"Cal is a great university with a great education and the degree is pushing me to go there," said Roddick.  "It's not just the football experience but the education.  I'm really pushing for the degree.  They produce great men off the field.  Coach (Sonny) Dykes really showed me that Cal is a great place to continue your life."

The lone school outside the Power 5 inside Roddick's top five was San Diego State.

"I love San Diego State," said Roddick.  "Coach (Steve) Morton is a great recruiter and he's been recruiting me since my sophomore year.  He was a sparky guy.  They are all like that in San Diego. I fell in love with it.  My friend Dru Mathis is going there and he's been pushing me to visit and we finally visited and I was blown away.  San Diego State is a great up and coming program and they could be up there in my top 1-2."

While Roddick has his top five, he's open to other schools, with the two Los Angeles schools of interest.  

USC has known of Roddick for some time.

"Coach (Clay) Helton actually recruited me when he was recruiting Ricky Town my sophomore year and then Coach Tyson (Helton) came back and visited the school.  He talked about wanting to come up and see some games," said Roddick.

Across town, UCLA offensive line coach Adrian Klemm has watched Roddick and he's hoping to see Klemm come by this fall.

"I know Coach Klemm wants to come by and watch me this season, and if they do come out, that would be an honor and I would love to get an offer," said Roddick.

He's also talking some with Washington.

"I've talked with Coach Pete (Chris Petersen) and Coach (Chris) Strausser at Washington and have been talking to them for a while and I hope they can come out to a game," said Roddick. 

Roddick said he's at 6-5, 335, going into the season, and is trying to be 325 by the opener.

St. Bonaventure will open with Bakersfield (Calif.) Centennial this weekend.

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