Marcedes Lewis Has Good Day

<b>Marcedes Lewis</b>, the sophomore tight end, easily had his best day of the fall, catching a couple of would-be touchdown passes. The defense also comes back from Monday with a stronger showing...

The quarterback competition is the focus of every practice, including Tuesday's morning session.

Matt Moore got on a roll early, had a bit of a lull through the late 11-on-11, but overall appeared to have a better day that Drew Olson. When Moore went through his lull, coincidentally, Olson had a good stretch. Moore threw the ball better, with more power and accuracy, and found his receiver more consistently.

Probably having his best practice as a Bruin was tight end Marcedes Lewis. It seems he's become Matt Moore's favorite target, with Moore hitting him on a couple of would-be touchdowns where the 6-6 tight end had to go up high and grab the ball with his hands.

The receivers overall had less drops this morning, after going through extra catching drills Monday night.

Shane Lehmann worked with the second-team offensive line -- at left tackle. Alex Potasi moved from left tackle to left guard. Paul Mociler took the majority of the snaps at starting right guard.

The defense had a better day than the offense, with the defensive line more or less shutting down the running game. The DL also batted down a few passes, and recorded a few sacks, one by Rodney Leisle on a bull rush. C.J. Niusulu, working with the second-team defensive line, had a great tackle for a loss of a running back, where he exploded off the ball and beat his blocker. Even with the O going to the 500-pound backfield of Manuel White at tailback and Pat Norton at fullback, the defensive line was impressive in stuffing the running game. Fullback J.D. Groves ran the ball from the tailback position at one point also.

The second-string defensive line is developing into a formidable one – with true freshmen Junior Lemau'u and Kevin Brown at defensive end and tackle, true sophomore Niusulu at tackle, and redshirt freshman Kevin Harbour at the other end position.

The first-team linebackers were still without Brandon Chillar, who is still sitting out due to "concussive syndrome." Ben Lorier and Patrick Pierre-Louis alternated working with the first team linebackers in place of Chillar. Spencer Havner, though, ran with the starting unit for the first time in a couple of days.

The defensive backs had a good day, with Matt Clark again having an impressive showing, proving that he deserves the open starting cornerback position. He tipped a Drew Olson pass that then Jarrad Page intercepted in the 7-on-7 drills. With Nnamdi Ohaeri still sitting out (even though he was fully dressed this morning, and is expected to start practicing for the first time Wednesday), Keith Short continues to fill in as the nickel back in third-and-long situations. True freshman Mil'Von James is working as the second-team nickel while Ohaeri's out.

The coaches had an open casting call at kick-off return, with many bodies taking a shot at catching kick-offs. Tyler Ebell teamed with Idris Moss, while James and Derrick Williams were another tandem, Antwuan Smith and Jebiaus Brown another, and Junior Taylor also rotating in. Page worked as a punt returner.

Injury Update:

Wendell Mathis didn't dress and was on crutches.

Safety Ben Emanuel and center Mike McCloskey were new additions to the list of players sitting out due to "concussive syndrome."

Re-schedule of Practice – Again: The afternoon practice session that was changed to the evening has now been changed back to the afternoon. As originally planned, it's scheduled for 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

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