UCLA Defensive Tackle Boss Tagaloa Talks First Fall Camp

Aug. 24 -- UCLA true freshman defensive tackle Boss Tagaloa spoke about his first fall camp, his expectations for the season, working with Angus McClure and more...


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On fall camp:

It's been a blessing to be out here and having fun with all the guys.  The D-Line, Coach McClure, I'm just enjoying time. Learning from Takk (McKinley) and Eddie (Vanderdoes) and Nick (Terry) and JTM (Jacob Tuioti-Mariner), just learning from them, it's a great experience.

On working with the 1's in San Bernardino:

It was really great to work with them and I enjoyed the opportunity that Coach (Jim) Mora gave me. This year, I'm willing to do what it takes. Just to get on the field and help the team out. Right now, I'm backing up Eli at nose, but whatever helps the team, that's what I'm here for.

On what the older guys have told him:

Just to work hard and don't complain. There were times in San Bernardino when it was really hot, like 110, 108. Most of them were telling us to not have a bad attitude, but to have a good attitude.

On what he's improving on:

Hands, containing my gap, keeping my feet moving on contact and staying lower on the ball.

On the freshmen class:

I'm really happy with our freshman class.  A lot of us are working with the 1's and 2's.  Guys like Lokeni (Toailoa), Breland (Brandt), Brandon Burton, Jalen Starks and Devon Modster.  I'm really enjoying my time. I'm really happy with our class.

On how prepared he feels to contribute:

I feel like I'm prepared and ready for whatever Coach McClure asks me. If he puts me in there, I feel like I'll be ready.

On the 4-3 defense:

I really loved it because at De La Salle, we ran the same defense. Once they switched it up, I committed before they switched it, but now it makes me feel more at home and I'll be playing what I was playing the last four years.


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