UCLA True Freshman Austin Kent Talks Punting

Aug. 25 -- UCLA punter Austin Kent spoke about the all-freshman group of specialists, his personal goals, working with the team's mental conditioning coach and more...


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On fall camp:

It has been really fun for us. We've really just gotten to know each other and gotten a nice feel of how the team will be this year. It's a really good feeling to progress with everybody. It's been awesome.

On his goals for the season:

My biggest goal is to help out the defense. I know with my role, I have to punt to the other team so I give them a long field so our defense goes out and has a great chance of getting the ball back to our offense.

On the feedback:

Good distance, good hang time. Those are the keys. You have to have a good hang time to be successful.

On if he feels any pressure:

I'm honestly taking it day by day. Staying within myself, and not trying to do the extreme. I was chosen to help this team and that's my primary goal.

On the advantages of the specialists all being freshman:

The chemistry, because we're all going to be here for four years. That is really just special about these guys, being with Johnny (Den Bleyker) and J.J. (Molson), they're just down to earth guys. 

On his averages as punter:

I'd like to think if I hit 4.0 and above, I'd have to be in the 40-50 yard range and if I'm hitting a 5.0 hang time, I have to be in the 50-60 yard range, so it has to match so you don't give up a big return.

On coming in together with the snapper and kicker:

It has been great.  Just chemistry and really getting to know each other and being really close as the years go by.

On the transition to college:

Especially as a unit, you have young units, you have to start out slow and it's jump started and gotten to a really good start as a group.

On mentally preparing for what's to come:

I like to think, because you know how College Station is, one of the loudest stadiums in college football, just stay relaxed. It's not different from me being out here by myself. It's all mental.

On being in the same boat as Molson in being far from home:

J.J. and Johnny have become my two brothers, I have two brothers at home and they've stepped right into that and it's been awesome.

On working with Trevor Moewad:

Trevor has been awesome. He's been beneficial to me and letting me know I have that confidence and I'm here for a reason and I'll go out and do my best.

On if he's mindful of the punting struggles:

Honestly, I'm here to help the defense and do my job. Like Bill Bellichek says for the Patriots, just do your job, so I'm here to do my job.

On if he's a Patriots fan:

I have a lot of family from Massachusetts, so I've always been in a Patriots house, so Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins.

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