UCLA Wide Receiver Ishmael Adams Excited About Offensive Role

Aug. 25 -- UCLA wide receiver Ishmael Adams spoke about what he hopes to bring to the offense, initial thoughts on Texas A&M atmosphere and much more...


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On his comfort level at receiver:

I’m very comfortable.  Honestly, it’s just learning the play and from there, learning the signals and once I learned that, I just wanted to get comfortable with the new techniques that Coach Yarbs is teaching.  I’m having a lot of fun, we have a great group and going against a great group every day with the DBs and challenging each other to be the best in the country. 

On how much studying of the plays he had to do:

However much it takes. Going over it during the meetings and then going home and taking that time by yourself, however long it takes, writing it down, drawing on the dry-erase board, any way possible.

On if Trevor Moewad has been helpful:

Yes definitely, it helps you keep that focal point in your mind and then bringing it out amongst everyone and that you’re on the right track with the mindset you’re creating. He helps that grow inside as well as the outer appearance.

On the importance of a mental coach:

I think it’s very important. You come out here in the hot sun, banging against each other, and that’s a lot of aggression and some take it home with them, so it gives you a chance to wind down, focus on whats important. That it’s a team game, you want to be the best you and apply that to the team.

On his excitement playing his first game exclusively on offense:

I’m very excited, very anxious.  Being with this group of guys that we have on offense, from our offensive line to our quarterback, to our running backs, fullbacks, tight ends to receiver, we have a great group and have the potential to make something special, and not just the potential, but to make something of ourselves.  Everyone at the beginning of the season starts at 0-0 and wants to reach that end goal, but you have to focus every day on battling against one another and strive for every day for that greatness.

On which coach has helped prepare him most:

Coach Martin did a great job preparing me and getting me to this point as far as when I was on defense. I studied my playbook at night. We had to take adjustments and not slow down and play at full speed. Also with game planning, studying the guys you’re go against and their backups, knowing what kinds of things they did, habits they had and scheme that they play. Coach gave me a lot of that, defensively and its helped the transition very well.

On the game jerseys they wore in practice:

The game jerseys are very nice. I like the new style with holes in the jersey, it looks NFL like, but also the old style.  It’s a different cut and hwo it fits around the waste.  It will work in our favor.

On if he or Soso Jamabo will wear No. 1:

It looks like it will be a game time decision.

On his case for why he should wear No. 1:

I really don’t have a case. It’s really, to a certain extent, I’m a football player, I don’t care about the number. If anything, it’s because I switched already so many times.  It’s really not s problem. I’m just glad to be back on the field.  And from there it’s just winning games.

On if he should get the No. 1 cause he’s older:

If I was really battling for it, I could make a huge case for why I should keep it, but I want to feel like everyone is important and also, it’s not going to get away in the camaraderie of the team. A number is a number, the players are who we are.

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