UCLA Running Back Soso Jamabo Looking Forward to Homecoming

Aug. 26 -- UCLA running back Soso Jamabo, a native Texan, spoke about returning home next week for the season opener, his expectations for the running backs and more...


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On the running backs not separating:

I’ve said it before and I’ve always said, we have really good backs, three that can really run the ball, two freshman that are competing.  Anyone who has the ball in their hands will do well.  We’re all trying to separate ourselves but we’re all supporting each other.

On going back to Texas for the opener:

It’s going to be an awesome feeling.  I can’t wait. Been waiting for a long time, since i knew we’d be playing them. It will be a big stage.

On how many fans he’ll have:

I would hope a lot, I would imagine a lot, so we have to put on a show.

On how many ticket requests he’s had:

Probably a little over 100.  Dallas is definitely going to be in attendance.  It will be a really good experience, I’m happy to go back.  You can’t even imagine, I’ll wait till the moment comes, I’ll live in the moment and enjoy it.

On conversations with Texas players on UCLA’s roster:

We’ve had them since summer, spring, all that time, we’ve been thinking about this game. Its a big game for the homecoming but also a big game for the guys from California.

On if he has friends on the Texas A&M roster:

I have a few, Christian Kirk, Daylon Mack.  Larry Prior.  A few of them I guess. It will be fun to play against them.

On if he had to turn ticket requests:

Absolutely, you can’t get all 100 of them.  You have priorities.  We’ll get a list before the game and get ready for the game.

On the running backs in camp:

I think we did a wonderful job. I think we all know the offense now.  I think with the freshman competing, Brandon Stephens and Jalen Starks are doing a good job as freshman, past where I was at my time, and the vets are working well.

On his growth over the past year:

I’m definitely running a lot more physical than when I showed up. I understood the game a lot more, the game is slowing down, my cuts are getting better and I’m running more mature since I first showed up.

On Kennedy Polamalu being promoted to offensive coordinator:

Definitely a great feeling. I was hoping he’d stay in the running back room so it’s definitely a good feeling.   He’s a great running back coach as well as offensive coordinator and he’ll do a great job getting the running backs touches.

On if anything has changed with Polamalu since his promotion:

He’s just as competitive and intense as he was before. He doesn’t take a day off or a minute off. He’s always intense and has set that standard for us.  You can definitely feel his energy, everyone sits up, eyes up. He demands your attention and gets it and instills that in the running back room as well.


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