UCLA Tight End Nate Iese Likes Offensive Role

Aug. 26 -- UCLA tight end Nate Iese spoke about his acclimation to the position, his role in the offense, the newcomers and more Thursday following practice...


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On the development as a pass-catcher:

I’ve been working on it my whole life. I played a lot of sports, baseball, basketball, so it’s been pretty natural for me, but something I’ve always have to work on.  Just like blocking, it comes natural but its better to always work on it. Even playing catch with Josh before practice, it’s always something to work on.

On developing chemistry with Rosen:

I always want to build a relationship with my quarterback like any other receiver, letting him trust you on any down and situation, being that go to guy. All our receivers are his go to guy. That’s something we all have to work on as a unit.  

On finding a home at tight end:

I love the position they have me playing. A lot of opportunities coming my way.  We’ll see what happens.

On how he likes blocking:

I love blocking too, being physical. Getting in the dirt. Still a lot of things to work on, going against a lot of bigger guys in the trenches and I’ll keep eating and getting my weight up during the season.

On if he’ll be helping block Myles Garrett:

Definitely, i love my tackles and I’ll be working with them a lot. He’s a great player and we expect a lot out of him.  Always excited, always ready to compete.  Never want to overlook your opponent. He’s a great player.  We’re working on him and will do what we can.

On the new game jerseys:

I love them. It was nice to be able to come out here and put on some nice, unsmelly, unstinky jerseys for once. It was nice so we’ll be ready to go.

On the difference from the tech-fit jerseys:

I don’t know, I liked both jerseys, a fan of both. These are more of a traditional look, more old-school. They fit really well, I like them a lot.  Honestly looking at it, I don’t think i can tell. They almost look like the away jerseys, but the home ones will be different.  It’s so exciting, the fresh smell of the jerseys. Even the helmets, the newer helmets are different than the practice helmets. The defense will get their chance tomorrow.

On the other tight ends:

They’re great. They work their tails off every day just like me. Great in the room, always asking questions. They’re big boys, good hands. You’ve got to learn to block at this level, so as a unit, we’re still getting it down. Coach Rip is always working on repetition, footwork, steps. We’re all coming along, it’s exciting to see.

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