UCLA OC Polamalu On Starting Game Prep

Aug. 26 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu talked about where he thinks the offense is after finishing fall camp and heading into game prep for Texas A&M...

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On matching up against Myles Garrett:

We really haven't focused on him because we've been focusing on us. To work hard and to get us where we can execute, but every NFL personnel who's come around said he's a very talented young man. He's earned all those accolades, but we've been focusing on us and to where we can execute and be a successful offense.

On how a tight end can help against Garrett:

It always helps to put different bodies on a person. We've been working on us and trying to get it to where we work on our blocking points, protections, getting the ball out of our quarterbacks hand, running the ball. Next week we'll hone in on the personnel.

On if he's happy with where the offense is:

Very. You're always going to go back and forth. Coach puts us through so many situations, game situations. Instead of the 4 hour grind, we're playing 10-12 snaps in a situation and then focus on the situation. Coach Mora has done a good job putting us in those situation, so now we see how we do in those situations. There will be some issues so we adjust and fix them and we do that by knowing our personnel.

On going into Kyle Field:

You go back to your experience in loud stadiums and hopefully we can start fast and keep the volume down. You watch the film of different opponents in that stadium, some were successful some had false starts and things like that, all part of playing in a loud stadium. But what young man growing up playing football doesn't want to play in front of 100,000 people. 

On if he's experienced that stadium:

As a player, I played in some loud stadiums, but as a coach, probably the loudest was when I was with Jacksonville, going to Seattle. Seattle was pretty loud. I remember looking at a coach next to me, we were yelling at each other to hear each other.  The way we practice, Coach putting pressure on them, I think we're ready to give them our best shot. 

On his comfort level:

I don't think you're ever comfortable, because as a coach, you're always wired different.  You're not physically doing the work like the players. You have to let your players play and we have a staff here that lets the players do that.  Play to their best ability and if there is a mistake, move on to the next play.  

On when they begin game prep:

Game prep, we'll lock in Monday on our opponent and personnel. We've been preparing to play hard with the good work ethic and having fun and I think we're almost there.

On Scout team:

That will start on Monday

On what they'll do this weekend:

Just keep preparing, play hard, to feel comfortable where they can execute to their full, maximum effort.

On if the offense is fatigued:

I feel good because they're really coming together. They enjoy playing for each other.  They're going out to reach out for the challenge in front of them.

On the running back play breakdown:

Its one of those things you always want one guy, but when you've recruited, and our recruiting has been good here, part of our profile is kids have to be able to play all three downs. I don't think they care what the play is, they'll execute it and do it to the best of their abilities.

On Josh Rosen:

Every day he's getting better.  The togetherness, having him vocalize a lot of our plays has been good. This is going to be, as a sophomore, every year is different. I think he's doing a helluva job, and thats to Coach Mora and Coach Tuiasosopo, meeting with him, talking to him, making sure our system is in tat and we can go out and execute.  

On the tight knit team:

I've been here two years and this is my third year and I really feel the bond. I think they like each other a lot.  I like them. And I like the coaches here.  I like coming around here and they're good people who enjoy each other.  

On preaching repetition:

I like it because the repetition builds good habits or bad habits and Coach has challenged us to be a physical group all around and to have the mindset to come out and have some fun.

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