UCLA DC Tom Bradley on Breaking Camp

Aug. 27 - UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talked about the end of camp and moving into game week, and the state of his defense...

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On the defense heading into Texas A&M next week:

Right now, we’re tired, so giving them some time off will really help them get focused and get ready to play Texas A&M. Their legs are tired, we’ve taken them as far as we can take them.

On if that is by design:

Pretty much.  You can notice it when you see guys out there and they come back and look like gazelles. We have some guys with bumps and bruises who can use the time to heal up.

On if everyone will be available:

I’m hoping so, like I always say, players play, coaches coach, administrators administrate and doctors do their job, so when they tell us they’re good, they’re good, we have some bumps and bruises but in a couple days we’ll be back

On Takk McKinley:

He was here. We could have used him today, but we anted to get some younger guys some work.  He got a lot of mental eps tody. We keep him out.

On Jacob Tuioti-Mariner:

He was here today. He did some work today for the first time. We expect him on Monday.

On how going against Noel Mazzone impacts preparation:

We’re playing Texas A&M and they have a great storied tradition, Noel’s a great coach. He also knows us too. It will be a great challenge and fun.  It’s personnel more.  We watch film for personnel.  We study their players and who is playing where and what to expect.

On if they’ll watch UCLA offensive film from when Mazzone was there:

Yes, we would try and do that and get some mechanics down.  There will be some wrinkles and unscouted plays.  We’ll be ready for anything they throw at us.

On preparing for Trevor Knight:

I’ve seen Trevor play, he’s an excellent quarterback. He’s a 5thyear guy, he’s been around, been in big bowl games, won big bowl games. He’s not getting his first start, he’s a heck of a football player.

On the biggest improvement:

Physically we’re better. One of the things that has helped us is in the weight room. Sal Alosi and his staff have done a great job getting us bigger and stronger. We held the weight through camp, we haven’t lost a lot of weight, and we’ll not get knocked off the ball, that’s something we have to work on this year.

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