UCLA Head Coach Jim Mora Previews Texas A&M Matchup

Aug. 29 -- UCLA head coach Jim Mora spoke Monday ahead of the Texas A&M matchup to open the season, updating the injury status of some players, commenting on Mique Juarez and more...

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Opening statement:

It was a good day today.  100% on Texas A&M.  I thought they came out and had a great practice, good meetings this morning. Our health seems to be pretty good. A couple guys are still questionable. Deon Hollins and Cameron Griffin, with the concussion like symptoms still lingering, we'll be very careful with that. I wouldn't rule them out, but I'd say it's doubtful they'll play.  Besides those two and then Paco (Perez) with his knee all of camp and Marcus Moore who's been dealing with his back, we're pretty darn healthy. We had Austin Roberts in a red jersey and he made it through practice fine. Hopefully he's full go without the red jersey tomorrow. We'll be careful with those things.  I can give you a Mique (Juarez) update. Nothing's changed with Mique.  He's been excused.  He's dealing with some personal issues and getting the help he needs to get through it. He's doing well. That's all I can tell you about that.  Other than that, it's Texas A&M.

On if that means Juarez is out for Texas A&M:

He hasn't been out here for a while.  

On who simulated Myles Garrett:

We've had a number of guys. He's an excellent player. They've got three really good players on their defense.  We just try to bring them in waves and lining them up a little offsides to get that extra jump. Our service team is doing an excellent job, young guys and walk-ons.  It's not the most glorious of jobs but it's an incredibly important job and they gave us a great look today.

On the maturation oif Connor McDermott:

It's helped him from a couple of standpoints. Physically, he's mature, stronger and bigger.  And then I think mentally and emotionally as well, playing more and experiencing more things. He hasn't played a ton still, not like he's gotten a ton of snaps under his belt because he's had some injuries  But he's very mature, very calm, an excellent leader. He handles his business the right way and he's an excellent role model.  H

On if he looks like an NFL guy:

Yeah. He needs to put on some weight, he's about 308.  The guys who play tackle in the NFL are usually 325-330. He'll get up to that eventually and keep growing. When he first got here, he was about 222 playing tight end. He'll keep growing.

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