UCLA Offensive Tackle Conor McDermott Talks Texas A&M Defensive End Myles Garrett

Aug. 29 -- UCLA offensive tackle Conor McDermott spoke about the looming matchup against highly regarded Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett and more...


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On if he's tired of being asked about Myles Garrett:

It's all good.  He's a great player.  

On preparing for Garrett:

It's definitely exciting. It's a good challenge for me and him. I have to work on my technique every day, challenge myself to work hard every day and get ready for that competition.

On having a tight end next to him:

It will help me a lot. Having more people in protection is good for the whole offensive line. We're used to having no tight ends or fullbacks, but we have them this year and it's a great addition.

On making the partnership work with tight ends:

An individual periods and on our owns, working on our combo blocks. Getting more involved in run blocking and working through that in individual and putting that into the game.

On if they use Garrett on either side:

From studying film, he's bouncing back and forth, but he's predominantly on my side.

On returning to improve his NFL stock:

I try to treat every game like a showcase and each game by game working. At the end of the day, I want to work hard for my teammates and win one game at a time.  I'll work one at a time as a team and everything else falls into place.

On how the extra time with a greyshirt and redshirt have helped:

It's helped me tremendously. The guys here remember me as a 240-pound tight end. It helped me get time to put on weight and muscle and work at the tackle position from tight end.  My basketball skills helped work into my technique. It's been a great experience and I wouldn't trade any of it.

On the improvement of the offensive line:

It's improved tremendously. We're working each day more and more to be a nickel instead of five pennies. We're getting better each day, getting the young guys in there, we have a lot of depth which is great for the older guys like me to get a break. But we've been working hard every day.


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