UCLA Center Scott Quessenberry Looks Ahead to the Challenge Texas A&M's Home Crowd Presents

Aug. 30 -- UCLA center Scott Quessenberry spoke about the challenge of facing Texas A&M on the road, his role on the offensive line and more...


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On being ready for the first game:

It's awesome. We're excited to get out there on Saturday and hit someone else besides our team.  Long training camp, but we're inching closer and excited.

On what A&M does that they have to be aware of:

They have a great front, one of the best in college football, across the board, all four of them and their backups can play.  It's nothing really special in terms of stunts and movements, we know they're a great front and we're going into a battle.

On how the line has handled the change in offense:

Well. I think we've done a good job. Obviously there have been some bumps in the road, but we've hurdled them.  We're just looking forward to Saturday.

On how playing in big road crowds previously helps them:

Big time. Obviously we haven't played in front of a crowd of this size, but we've played in hostile environments. It just helps us, I don't know why, but we've been a good team on the road.

On preparing for the big crowd:

We're working on our silent count and getting it down to a T. If we're able to execute with a silent operation, it will take a lot out of the crowd.  And we're working on a whisper count if we can't hear the quarterback under center. It's going well for us.

On if that puts more pressure on him being the center:

No, not really. It's kind of the same, all it is, is just being able to execute as if it were regular count.

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