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Know Your Foe: Texas A&M

Aug. 30 -- We asked's Texas A&M publisher, Robert Sellers, a few questions about Texas A&M, the match-up with UCLA, and most importantly, where Bruin fans should hang out in College Station...

We asked the publisher of the's Texas A&M site, Robert Sellers, a few questions that are vital for UCLA fans to know about Texas A&M.

What's the general feeling around the program and among the fans/boosters about the state of program and the status of Kevin Sumerlin? Do you think he's on the hot seat?

I think this is a key year for Sumlin’s tenure at Texas A&M and there is some warmth to his chair. I think a good way to describe the fanbase is cautiously optimistic.

Besides A&M's defensive ends and receivers, what would you say are the next strongest aspects of this year's team?

I would say the safeties. Justin Evans and Armani Watts, form a stout back end for the Aggies. When in nickel and Donovan Wilson comes on the field, it makes for a solid trio in coverage and run support.

Justin Evans (USA Today)

What do you think are the weakest aspects of the team?

Right now, the most glaring issue with the Aggies is at quarterback where the off-season transfers have left offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone with minimal depth and no clear blue chip options.

What generally is the Texas A&M perception of UCLA?

I don’t know that I’ve seen much from the fans about UCLA yet in the form of trash talk or anything like that. I think the two school’s lack of recent history with each other dampens that some.

What does A&M have to do, and what do they have to not let UCLA do, to win Saturday?

Texas A&M must protect the football on offense and they must keep UCLA from forcing the Aggies into a one-dimensional offense. They can’t afford to fall behind by multiple scores forcing them to primarily throw.

Where should UCLA fans hang out before the game and after in College Station?

The Northgate area is not far from the stadium and is the place most go before and after the game. It is a collection of bars and restaurants and will be very busy.

Who's going to win?

I think Texas A&M is going to win the game but I think it will be a close game that isn’t decided until late. In the end, I think the Aggies will see enough improvement up front and at the running back position to better establish a run game and allow Trevor Knight to operate within what they need him to do. I don’t see Texas A&M as a team that will play well from behind this season, so keep that in mind if UCLA gets out quick on Saturday. They could very well prove me wrong.

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