UCLA Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley Previews Texas A&M Matchup

Aug. 30 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley spoke about his group's readiness, facing Texas A&M's offense and more following Tuesday's practice...

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On how ready the defense is:

I think we're where we should be right now. As you get down to the end, we throw in a different wrinkle here and there and try to give them something different. We throw an oddball to see if they can pick it up.  We're pretty far along to where we want to be.

On how the defense did against those plays:

It depends on who's playing.  The older guys kind of get it, they're used to it. The younger guys, it's a newer thing for them. We have guys playing positions to cover themselves in case things happen. And they'll get better at it.  We'll watch the film and go from there.

On if the defense has more energy:

I think we're better after a couple days off. From here on out they have to do a good job of taking care of themselves with hydration and getting in the tubs. Making sure they're off their feet and when we do give them time off they're taking care of themselves.

On staying even keeled as a defense:

That's one thing we've talked about, 3-4 years it's been that way of being that deep in the penalty rankings.  There are going to be penalties, but we're worried about the dead ball penalties. The offsides, the false starts, the non aggressive penalties we have to do a better job of. All we can do is harp on it, if we take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.  But if we stay on them, and we have, we're on them all the time, I think we'll be better in that area.

On if he senses more maturity from the defense:

I think so. We have a better feel of what we're trying to get done. They're a year older, everyone knows each other better, I think the communication part is much better.

On if he likes the noise with 100,000 for a defense:

It's a great atmosphere, I like playing in those kinds of places, it's fun, I enjoy it. One of the things there with their offense, it probably won't be as loud, but it's fun to play in and a great college atmosphere and our guys will enjoy it.

On Christian Kirk:

He's a heck of a player and a really great athlete.  He's one of those guys who's fun to watch on film, not so much in person, but he's an excellent football player.

On their receivers:

They have good people and they're a good football team. That makes it fun and a good opportunity to go out and see how good we are against different people. 

On Trevor Knight:

I've seen him play before, I know who he is, he's an excellent football player. He's won some big games, some bowl games.  He makes good decisions. I don't think there is any difference with him going to A&M (from Oklahoma).  He'll be fine.

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