UCLA Quarterbacks Coach Marques Tuiasosopo Talks Texas A&M Preparation

Sept. 1 -- UCLA quarterbacks coach Marques Tuiasosopo spoke about Josh Rosen, preparing for the noise of Kyle Field and more Tuesday...

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On playing in front of a big crowd:

It's an exciting place to play. We play in a lot of great stadiums in the Pac-12 and this is one of the great ones across the land. We're excited to do it.  I think we can handle it, it's not an issue, you just go out and play.  

On going with silent counts:

There are ways you can handle it, you go out and execute and do what we do.  There is nothing you can do about it, you go play. You don't talk about it, you don't think about it, our focus is going to be on what they'll do with us and how we'll operate our plan.

On stopping Myles Garrett:

We definitely respect our opponents. And not just him, but their other end. We've been focusing on us and making sure when we get on that airplane, we're focused and locked in. They have a good team but we believe we have a good team too. So it should be fun.

On how Josh Rosen has integrated in the offense:

I think he loves it.  It's challenging him to operate a little more everywhere in the run game and the protection scheme and the pass game. He's done a great job with it along with everyone else in the offense.  I think it will help him lead our team down the field and score a lot of points. Whether it keeps him safer or if its better for him to throw it, he's a smart kid, he likes to handle the whole offense.

On his relationship with Rosen:

I think it's evolved nicely. These relationships are built on trust. They want to know that at heart, you'll give them every opportunity to succeed. Our whole room has done a great job and Josh has bought in to what KP is instilling and our relationship is built off that to be the best player he can be for his team.

On the hottest game he played in:

We played at Nebraska, that was pretty warm. I played in some pretty cold games. As a player, the best thing to do is to not worry about it, not talk about it, because it doesn't even matter.

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