Josh Rosen Takes Blame for A&M First Half

Sep. 1 -- UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen talked after the loss Saturday, saying he was abysmal in the first half and takes complete blame for the team's offensive performance...

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On his performance:

I played a pretty abysmal first half. Coaches said it wasn't all you, but I think I missed some incredibly key opportunities to take advantage of. I can't try and compete to be the best quarterback in the country and throw three picks.  I missed Austin (Roberts) up the seam, at the goal line in the redzone for a touchdown. I played an awful first half. I take full responsibility for that. It will never happen again. We came out in the second half, it was too little, too late. You can't start like that. It was really bad.

On how much was attributed to the new offense:

It wasn't that. I'm just missing throws. You can't miss.  Football is football.  You can't play quarterback in a big time game like this and miss some of those opportunities.

On if he was missing throws or reads:

Missing throws. Well, both. I miss Kenny Walker and Eldridge on two posts. One was complete to another guy but it could have been a touchdown. I miss Austin on the seam and on a drag. I wasn't in the right frame of mind in the first half. It took too long to get going and that can't happen if we're going to be the team we want to be.  It's a quarterback driven sport.  It's completely unacceptable. It won't happen again, I told the guys in the locker room.

On what he attributes the frame of mind to:

I don't know, to tell you the truth. I have to lock in earlier. Nothing specific, but I just wasn't playing like I should or to my standard, not even damn close to my standard. I don't care what any stats say. If I connect on a couple of those balls, we're on the right side of the score.

On if he remembers a game like that:

Not really. BYU last year. But this was the worst half of football. I promise you, I won't play like that. Coach is going to go out and say it was a team effort and we all win and lose as a team. But I can't do that. The crowd wasn't an issue. The only misstep we had was when we had a silent count and the guard taps the center and he snaps the ball, the ref tapped the center and he snapped the ball.  We say in the quarterback room all the time, don't turn a car crash into a fatality, and that's what I did. And I can't do it, especially in critical points in the game. They didn't end up winning on that last drive but they very easily could have and we could have easily got another 25-30 yards and have J.J. win the game.

On the ref tapping the center on the fumbled snap where he threw an interception:

Yeah, and I tried to throw it to Darren across the middle and it ended up getting picked. 

On if he saw Evans on that play:

Yeah, I just thought I threw it over him, but obviously I didn't.

On the protection improving:

I missed the opportunities in the first half and the further you get in the game, the more you make yourself one dimensional and we had to throw the ball. You can't miss those opportunities at the beginning. That's when the defense is expecting things. You can't put yourself in those positions.

On the A&M defensive ends:

If someone hit me, they hit me. I think I could have taken a lot more pressure off the offensive line, changing some protections, but I think we did a helluva job.  I have to get rid of the ball quicker. It's those momentum changers, the ones you miss, that can demoralize a defense.

On plays signaled in from the sidelines:

The receivers, whoever is signaling, is sort of more directed at me, because I see the whole play, the rest only sees parts and clips.  I didn't experience any issues.

On if receivers ran wrong routes:

No, not that I know of. We had some busts here and there, just mentally, but I don't think they were signals.

On three first and goals:

Yeah, I know. We can't miss those. You lose football games because of it and we did.

On the crowd yelling 50,000, being good natured:

This is a football town and they're a great crowd. We played our butts off and I hope they can respect that and they cheered their butts off. They played incredibly hard. At the end of the day, it's just a game and we're all just student-athletes and playing as hard as we can.

On what he said to Trevor Knight:

I've known Trevor a while, he's a great guy. Hopefully I'll get to see him again.

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