OC Kennedy Polamalu on Offense in Texas A&M

Sep. 3 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu talked about his offense's performance against Texas A&M, and how he wouldn't trade Josh Rosen for any quarterback in college football...

On the offense’s effectiveness in comeback mode:

I really believe the young men just gave outstanbding effort and first time going against another opponent. I’m proud of the effort we gave.


On the overall offensive performance:

Like we talked to them about it, it’s the little things. One more step on this. Pulling when you’re supposed to pull. One more step on routes. Those little things. But I’m really proud of the effort of these young men.


On the first and goals inside the tens and no touchdowns:

You always want to score touchdowns in the red zone and we had opportunities to do that and it didn’t happen today.  I’m proud of the young men, zero penalties, zero false starts with 100,000 people here. I’m proud of their fight through four quarters and overtime.


On the advanced protection:

They got us a few times but it was nice that at the end of the game, when we needed a drive, they answered and that’s a new UCLA, these kids have an outstanding effort and staying together. Where I believe they stuck together and responded where we needed to protect, we tied the game and had an opportunity to win the game.


On assessing Josh Rosen’s performance:

He can get better and he knows that. But I wouldn’t trade Josh Rosen for any quarterback in the country. This group of young men got tested and they responded by staying together and that will improve over the season. Everything that happens to him will be overanalyzed because of who he is, and some of that is brought upon himself, but overall, he handles the pressure well and his teammates support and we’ll do a great job as a coaching staff that he stays on course. He made some nice throws and some throws he wish he could have back.


On where he can improve:

I just think overall in this system, playing under center, coming with his footwork and drops, he made some really nice throws under center. He’s uysed to throwing from the gun. Huddling and things like that, he’s capturing our players and they’re playing hard. His leadership is really outstanding. He’s only a sophomore and everything he does will be overanalyzed, but he’s that good and I won’t trade him for anybody.


On the running backs:

We have a good core of running backs. This was the first time calling the plays and then having them analyzed on the sidelines and analyzing the whole team, it was new for me, but I’ll do a better job next game.


On if the offense was affected by not having Nate Starks:

I can’t comment on Nate Starks, that is Coach Jim Mora.


On Soso Jamabo getting more carries:

I’m going to watch the tape, I thought he made some excellent runs and decisions. He has to understand routes, and he had a nice catch and excellent hands. He is a really talented young man and he’ll be a great back. That’s the whole core and I like the direction they’re going.


On the receivers:

I thought the receivers, Kenny Walker, outstanding, caught every ball thrown to him. He’s a tough kid, if you know anything about his background, he turned his life around, that’s how this team is. It’s a new era. Offensively, it’s new, and about now, but Kenny and how he turned his life around, that’s how this team is.


On when they realized they would go up top to him early:

Every time we line up, we snap the ball, I would like to throw the ball deep to him. He’s got excellent speed, good ball tracking and we have a quarterback who can throw it.

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