Eddie Vanderdoes on Defense Against Texas A&M

Sep. 4 -- Defensive tackle Eddie Vanderdoes talked after the loss about the defense's performance against Texas A&M...

On being back:

It was a relief. I’ve been waiting a long time to get back with my brothers. It felt good to finally be out there. We didn’t pull out the win but I thought we did a lot og great things as a defense, we have a lot to improve on, but I’m just happy to be back out there and playing football.


On what they need to improve on:

The little stuff like footwork, hand placements, knowing the downs and situations.


On if they were trying to think about what Mazzone would call:

Yeah. That last drive in overtime? Yeah, especially the goal line situations. We should have known he was going to pull.  A running quarterback, we should have known that. A couple years ago, he was doing that with Brett (Hundley), a running quarterback, they pull and go. Athletic ability and speed.


On not snuffing that out:

My job is B-gap, I’m playing run, my responsibility is run. That’s where I was staying, doing my job.


On if there was some vulnerability in the interior:

I’d rather not answer until I watch film. TO be honest, I can’t tell you. When we watch film, we’ll know what needs to be fixed, who needs to be where, what happens. We’ll get to that tomorrow.


On losing Takk McKinley:

It always hurts when you lose a guy like Takk. Takk is the most fiery guy on defense and I love the way he plays football. He’s very aggressive, very passionate about what he does.  When you lose a rusher like Takk with his ability and he’s not in, it hurts, but when you have a guy like KLS, who has speed, we have guys like that.


On the defense tightening up down the stretch:

It felt great. I know everyone was down on us the last five minutes, but we stayed the course, I did my job, we did our jobs, we gave the offense an opportunity to score and that’s what we did.

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