Kenny Walker on O's Opportunities Against A&M

Sep. 4 -- Receiver Kenny Walker talked about the missed opportunities on offense against Texas A&M....

Kenny Walker answered questions after the Texas A&M game. 

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On if the offense left opportunities out there:

Yeah, we left a lot of opportunities. We didn't execute as well as planned and I think it's a great learning experience.

On what he learned:

Mainly just getting lined up, looking at the play caller after the play and getting the right signals out there.

On the issues with signals:

Getting back to the line, he gives the signals a little too fast because he was amped up. It was hard to get the signals some times (from the sidelines).

On missing on some plays:

We'll go back and look at film and get it all handled, that's the best way to go about it.

On catching the ball:

It went well. I give credit to the O-Line, just blocking and giving us a chance to throw the ball. From my standpoint, it was confidence and I built a lot of confidence this summer and winter.

On going against Priest Willis:

He's a good corner, he's pretty good. Their corners were all good and they played a good game.

On if they talked during the game:

A little bit. He was kind of encouraging me and I was encouraging him to do good. That was good sportsmanship.

On showing more when they came back:

I can agree with that. The first and second quarter it was hard to get going. We told each other in the locker room don't quit, you never know what will happen. We tried to come back and came up short. I'm glad we all fought and gave it our all.

On being open:

There is nothing wrong with that. It all goes back to everyone executing and doing their job. Once we do that, we're going to be hard to beat.

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