DC Tom Bradley on Defense Against Texas A&M

Sep. 4 -- UCLA defensive coordinator Tom Bradley talked about the defense against Texas A&M, and second-guessed some calls...

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On his assessment of the defense:

Anytime you lose you look at the mirror and not out the window, you look at yourself first and want to have back a few of those calls. I thought they hung in there and fought like the dickens to get back in the 4th quarter and I was proud of the way our guys fought back. You have calls you wish you could get back. So I look at myself. 

On being without Deon Hollins and Takk McKinley:

Not an excuse, but some of the guys were playing that position and they're not getting a lot of reps. When Takk got hurt early that threw a wrinkle in how we did our substitution. I thought Coach Angus McClure did a nice job adjusting to that but we had guys playing positions they didn't have a lot of reps in.

On how he looks at himself:

You're never going to call the perfect game, but you want to put your guys in a great position. Some plays, you get mad at yourself and you look at it, shoulda, coulda, woulda. I'm always hardest on myself. Before I ever criticize anyone on their mistakes, I have to look at my mistakes.

On if that means knowing Mazzone's offense:

The one that always affects these things is when the quarterback runs the ball, it creates a challenge. I thought our guys fought in the 4th quarter. There was no give up on the sidelines, they thought they were going to tie that up and they did.

On Texas A&M's offense in the 3rd quarter:

They got into tempo and a good rhythm. On the one score, they threw the ball back behind on us. Marcus (Rios) was in a good position, it wasn't a great thrown ball, we got pressure on him. That got us back on our heels.  I actually think it was a bad throw, the guy adjusted well, give them credit, they practice too.

On the run defense:

Anytime you look at, they had I think 200 yards, you look at missed tackles.  If you're going to be a good defense, you have to make those.

On what Adarius Pickett brings to the defense:

We ask Pick to do a lot of things for us.  Coach Martin has done a really good job of getting depth that way.  Guys that can play different positions. Our guys rally around him a lot. He gives us a chance to be a better football team. As he plays more, he's going to get better and better.

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