Soso Jamabo on Rushing Attack Against A&M

Sep. 4 -- Soso Jamabo talked after the game Saturday about being the designated #1 running back and the rushing attack against Texas A&M...

Sotonye Jamabo talked from Kyle Field after the game Saturday.

If the video doesn't work, try this version:

On starting at running back:

I was told I would be the starting back a couple days before the game, so I was aware of how heavy I would get the ball.

On his performance:

I thought I ran as hard as I could, we had some miscues and it was a physical game. We had to match their physicality and I thought we did a good job of it.

On running between the tackles:

I wouldn't say it was tougher than I thought it would be but it was a tough, physical team. We had a slow start, didn't get going fast enough and didn't come out on top unfortunately.

On losing in his home state:

It's very unfortunate, it's tough, but it's a long season. It's not the end of the road, very far from it, it's not the end of the world and we'll move forward from that.

On if he plans to get the bulk of the carries:

I'm definitely working for that. And trying to keep that average carries up in the ranks like that. I would hope to keep those carries going like that.

On Rosen taking the brunt:

Definitely putting the shoulders on him. He's tough on himself, he shoulders a lot. You saw the potential, we fought back. We're disappointed but we're not going to be sad, we're going to move forward.

On if he has to soften the blow with Rosen:

Even though he's hard on himself, he knows it's not the end of the world. He's one of my best friends. When he's down, he knows I'll be there for him, and when I'm down, he'll be there for me. It's a friendly, brotherhood type thing.

On running with lower pad level:

I thought I did a pretty good job, played low, ran as hard as I could, unfortunately, we couldn't make it happen. Definitely going to work on my game, playing physical, on my pad level, see where we are.

On the A&M defense compared to defenses he faced last year:

I didn't get as many snaps last year as I did this year, so I wouldn't get a gauge of defense's last year, but they were one of the more physical teams I've seen.


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