Conor McDermott on Facing A&M's Pass Rush

Sep. 4 -- UCLA's offensive tackle Conor McDermott talked after the game about facing Texas A&M's pass rush...

Conor McDermott answered questions from Kyle Field after the Texas A&M game. 

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On what they changed to come back in the 4th quarter:

There was nothing we really changed, we just came together. We got the first game of the season dust off. Focus on technique, come together as one and got better throughout the game.

On evaluating his performance against Myles Garrett:

I haven't seen the film yet, but I'll have to go back and see how I did. There are some technique things to work on. He is a great player, it was great competition and it was a battle every play. He's a great player.

On if the line came together over the course of the game:

As the game went on quarter by quarter, we got better and better. We'll have to watch the film, see the game as a whole and take it from there.

On how the new offense and new opponent affected things:

There can always be excuses of new offense and first game of the season, but we're going to get better each day, get back in the film room and get better.

On if he knew how good Myles Garrett was:

I knew what I was going to get, a fast and explosive player, and it was a great battle each play.

On if they're encouraged by things like Jim Mora was:

We're obviously disappointed but there is encouragement throughout the locker room that we fought and didn't give up. It came down to a nail biter, we just didn't come out on top. We'll work hard and get better each week.

On what they said to the offense in the 4th quarter:

Josh, me, Scotty, all of us just saying keep fighting, we're going to come back and start scoring touchdowns.


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