UCLA Quarterback Josh Rosen Expands on TAMU Mistakes

Sept. 5 -- UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen spoke about his mistakes in the Texas A&M loss, treating his offensive line to dinner and more Monday ahead of UNLV week...


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On if anything changed after watching the A&M game on film:

Your mood changes just because you're watching a little more after the fact and not as emotional about it. Like I said, my play was unacceptable, it was a bad first half and I can't let it happen again.

On if he was riling the crowd up:

I kind of like, I play better with adversity.  The louder the crowd got, the better I played. It's going to happen, nothing really to it.

On if he enjoyed the back and forth:

Absolutely, that's what sports are all about. I doubt many of them had ill intentions, they were cheering their butts off, I was playing my butt off and we both kind of acknowledged that. If we had came back and ended up on top at the end, I probably would have given them something, a salute, but we didn't.  You have to respect them.

On presenting the offensive lineman gifts:

We usually have a lineman dinner every week, a tradition from last year. Caleb Benenoch got it started. It's a token of gratitude and they don't have any stats, but they play their butt off for me.

On if they ordered a lot of Chipotle:

They did. Chipotle was out of chicken but they gave us 2-for-1 bowls.

On what Caleb Benenoch said to him after the game:

He's one of my best friends and he told me he loved me and keep working.

On what surprised him from film:

My play.  There were some pretty open receivers I missed, a few things here and there, but nothing that I didn't see from the sideline.

On what he'll do to correct the errors:

You just have to make the plays. You can't say rep them more, you've been repping since the spring. There is nothing physically I can do. Its like trying to simulate in front of 80K in the Rose Bowl, you can't really do it, you let it come to you in the game.

On if those derails any plans:

I think we can accomplish everything we want to do.

On Kenny Walker:

He's one of the products of the system at UCLA. We have some guys who's really evolved since he's been here and Kenny has.  I wasn't here when he got here, but he was almost solely a track guy. I can't really speak to him before, but from last year to this year he's a completely different person. He has a new level of confidence. And he's got speed that he can use to his advantage. It speaks to this program when you have a lot of guys who become phenomenal players in their four years here, from the Jayon Brown's to the Anthony Barr's. They built their bodies up and became incredible players.

On if Trevor Moewad has said anything significant:

What he worked with us, it shows more since we loss than won, because it's easier to stick together when you won. No one is pointing a finger. Everyone is kind of mad, but we lost, you have to be mad. I think we're taking all of this sort of negative energy and using it in a positive direction and hopefully coming out on top.

On playing against Tony Sanchez in high school and college:

I played him once at Gorman and he's just another coach, you have to go out and do your best. We'll study his defense like every other team and produce on the field.

On if there was carryover from what UNLV's defense ran from Gorman:

Not too much. There is definitely more at UNLV, but high school is high school, you don't always have the level of maturity to pull off the stuff in college from high school. There is a little carryover, significant core values of defense you have.

On playing against UNLV quarterback Johnny Stanton:

While he was in high school, he was a senior when I was a sophomore, but he was hurt so I didn't play against him.

On being back at the Rose Bowl:

Every game is exciting, first game at home, everyone is excited to see your team in person.

On if he talked to Noel Mazzone after the game:

Yeah, but nothing in too detail. I was in a particular state of mind. I said hi, good to see him and congratulate him on the win.

On what wasn't clicking in the red zone:

Everyone had their issues. I had the ball in my hand at the last second and you can trump good and bad in a play with a decision.  There were three plays in particular I could have had in the end zone that if I had scored, we could have scored and turned the tide in the game.

On Austin Roberts:

Some versatility. He's got some serious speed, straight line speed and he's a phenomenal player, big dude, can catch the ball and another hybrid athlete the defense has to get ready for.


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