UCLA Linebacker Kenny Young Talks Self Reflection

Sept. 6 -- UCLA linebacker Kenny Young recapped the loss to Texas A&M, making the necessary defensive adjustments and more Monday...


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On the game:

Obviously, we didn't get the win like we wanted. We had a lot of things to fix and had it in our hands and at crucial moments, we didn't execute. We need to do better in practice. We have to take those moments. Like you saw in the game, they're crucial and they cost us the game. Opportunities are there and we have to take it.

On the defense in the fourth quarter:

Overall, I thought all four quarters, the defense played pretty solid. I don't think it was the fourth quarter we really turned it on. It was a big environment, we were the underdog. From a defensive aspect, we did some great things but had penalties that cost us. Only four penalties, not a lot, but if you look at the situations we were in, it backed us up a lot. Those are the things we need to work with.

On opening at the Rose Bowl this weekend:

It feels good, our first home game, against UNLV, it gives us an opportunity to redeem ourselves. I think for me, I'm not really happy.  We have to tune things out and work on the things we need to work on.

On what particular stood out in the loss:

Penalties killed us, the discipline things. A couple of guys could have been more disciplined in their technique.  I could have done or thing or two better. Always things you can critique. As an overall team, take those opportunities. In overtime, we came back to get there. I thought we were going to come back. But you see what happens. It comes from practice, put yourselves in positions that might not happen, but in the game, it determines the winners and losers. The coaches had a great game plan, we just have to execute. 

On how this loss can help:

If anything, how I'll take it, when you come off a loss, it's 'what did I do wrong?' Those are the main things. Everyone self evaluates, the players, the coaches, the whole staff. It gives me something to thrive off in the next game. Nobody is pointing the finger. We'll get a W this weekend.

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