UCLA Center Scott Quessenberry Addresses Offensive Line Play

Sept. 7 -- UCLA center Scott Quessenberry spoke about the offensive line's play against Texas A&M, making the adjustments this week and more...


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On the gift from Josh Rosen:

Wednesday night, we had a little QB-OL dinner and he handed them out then.

On if Rosen treated them to dinner:

He did. Just Chipotle. It was a free dinner though.  He said anything goes. All the bells and whistles. 

On what the gesture meant:

It means everything. It goes beyond football at this point. Josh is an outstanding guy off the field and it's really fun working with him. 

On who all was there:

It was six of us plus Josh, so our starting five plus our swing guy, Najee (Toran), was there as well and he got one too.

On their mindset after this game:

We watched the film and did a lot of good things, but disappointment because there were yards and points we left there. We were 1-for-6 in the red zone which is not even close to our standard. We come away with two touchdowns instead of two field goals, and we win that game. There is no time to dwell on it, we turn to UNLV and get ready.

On losing the first game:

I wouldn't say it's much of a different feeling- losing is losing when you lose. Oftentimes though its better to lose in September than December. So we're going to shake it off. Claw out the rest of this tough schedule we have.

On if it felt good to be back after sitting out last season:

Definitely, there were a lot of nerves coming into that game. My first start at center was at Virginia and it was a rough outing, I only had a couple of days. I had the whole spring and training camp going into this game at center and it was relieving getting that first one out of the way. I did some things well, but there were some things I could improve on and I will do that and get better along the way.

On how he felt physically:

I felt fine, there were no real issues going into the game. I didn't have any setbacks during the game. I just kept rolling through. Health-wise I feel fantastic and I'll be ready to go on Saturday.

On the ref tapping him before the snap:

I'm not really sure what happened there. I'll take responsibility for it, I need to be more dialed in on what's around me. I wasn't and it happened. I have to be better there. It's unfortunate, it happened and there is no going back now.

On if he talked to the ref about it:

I didn't. I walked off the field and told Coach Klemm and he said don't worry about it. It happens, we'll move on and take it into overtime and we did.

On what they said to Rosen:

I tried to tell him to keep your head up man, there isn't more that you can do it. He played a phenomenal game and I commend him for standing in the picket for some of the heat he took.  I said keep your head up, we'll get back on Monday and roll into the game on Saturday.

On what they did well:

I felt well in run blocking and sometimes there are moving parts out there, so in pass pro, miss-IDing the fronts, not too worried about it, I'll get in the film room with Coach Klemm and get really dialed up. Other than that, not too many things weren't going too well.

On if it they're better prepared for future defensive lines after facing A&M:

They've got two guys that are potential first round picks, one that is potential number one overall. They were fired up and ready to play. We knew it was a battler and we were going into a dogfight, but we just came up a little short.

On their interior lineman:

They were stout guys, they were strong. They didn't move off the ball very easily. But they were great competitors and it was fun to go against some of the great players in the country.

On Josh Rosen's temperament:

Josh is going to go out there, compete and be the ultimate competitor. I've realized that playing with him. He might not show it all the time, but in the meaning rooms, he's the ultimate competitor and winning means everything to him. Getting the crowd riled up, that's all part of his competitiveness, and we're going to just roll with it.

On the gelling of the offensive line:

We started off, new offense, some growing pains early and stalled drives in the end zone but as the game progressed, we showed what we could be as an offense. We ran the ball effectively and could pass protect with one of the best defensive lines in the country. We take those grains of salt and build on them.

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