UCLA Receiver Darren Andrews Unsatisfied With WR Play

Sept. 6 -- UCLA wide receiver Darren Andrews commented on the unit's play against Texas A&M, the need for improvement and more ahead of preparing for UNLV...


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On leaving points on the field:

It is a positive knowing we had the good play calls and left the points on the field, the bad part is we didn't execute how we wanted to in that game, but knowing we had the chances, its good moving forward.

On what surprised him on film:

The points that we missed, I didn't really realize the points we missed and left out there until we saw the film. It hurt knowing we could have had those points.

On the reaction when they miss points:

We should have had that, so you watch film, and learn from it and keep it in the game plan for next time.

On the receivers performance:

I think we did pretty good, but we're trying to be great and pretty good isn't what we're looking for. We made some mistakes and we're trying to fix those mistakes. 

On Kenny Walker:

I'm so proud of Kenny. He's come a long way, catching, route running, I'm excited he's displayed his talent. A lot of people counted him out and he proved a lot of people wrong and will continue to prove people wrong.  Through the spring and summer and fall camp, I've seen him progressing, which was a good sign to always keep his confidence up and not listen to outsiders. he did a good job of handling that over the offseason. He showed a lot of poise.

On opening up at home this weekend:

I feel good. Back in our home stadium in the Rose Bowl. I'm excited.

On Kenny Walker's personality:

He's probably the funniest player we have on the team. A unique personality, always good to have someone like him on the team. He's a jokester, that's the type of person he is.

On what he can do to improve:

I think moving forward, being patient in the whole offense.  Living in the moment in that point in time.

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