UCLA Offensive Coordinator Kennedy Polamalu Talks UNLV Preparation

Sept. 6 -- UCLA offensive coordinator Kennedy Polamalu spoke about preparing for Texas A&M, his comfort in calling plays from the sideline and more...

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On his assessment of A&M after watching on film:

I don't have any regrets on the play calling. You call them and our players tried their best at it just like we tried to prepare them the week before. I feel like the effort and trust for each other is there. I feel good about that but we can always get better.


They're coming in with a win. They feel much better than we did. We're on to them, working harder and getting better to get that effort. Hopefully they get our best and that's what we want, that Saturday, UCLA comes with their best and we'll see what happens

On what they do defensively:

Their defensive coordinator is a veteran defensive coordinator.  He's been around. We've face him when he was at Colorado and we faced him last year at UNLV. He's a well-respected man and he'll have those guys playing, fitting their gaps, being in the right spots. We have to go out and execute our system.

On being on the field for games:

It's a comfort zone. I feel the players when I'm on the sidelines. I've always been on the sidelines so I don't know any other way. I feel good and have a good staff with Rip Scherer on top and then Marques (Tuiasosopo), Coach (Adrian) Klemm and Coach Yarbs (Eric Yarber). I don't know any other way. It's all natural. 

On if he was ever in the booth in the NFL:


On if he's on the sidelines to talk to his running backs:

Yes, and then to get a feel for everything around. It's nice to look someone in the eye. These kids have so many things going on. When you look them in the eye, they want to give you their best and they don't want to let you down and you don't want to let them down and you can't see that when you're in the box.

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