UCLA Defensive End Keisean Lucier-South Sees Progress

Sept. 8 -- UCLA redshirt freshman defensive end Keisean Lucier-South spoke about his personal progress, the strides he hopes to make this season and more...


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On his first game action:

It was crazy. My first play, on the field, I had goosebumps and was nervous, but after that, I felt comfortable and I wasn't nervous at all after that. It was really fun, I had a great experience.

On his performance:

I played well. I still have to work on some stuff, my assignments, outside contain.

On assessing his self-potential:

Honestly, I just have to keep working. Mostly I have to bulk up. I still have to work on my pass rush technique, work on some more moves.

On the long wait since he last played in high school:

Last year, I was a redshirt and on scout team here, so I didn't prepare to play in a game. I hadn't played in a game in a year, but after my first play, I was comfortable and got used to it.  The fast tempo, the pace of the games.

On playing against Johnny Stanton:

He's a dual-threat quarterback and a big quarterback. He weighs like 245. When I played him in high school, he was a great quarterback, he knew how to throw, you have to watch when he runs the ball.  We have to watch out for him this week.

On stopping a running quarterback:

Stay in our gaps, keep contain, don't let them outside. And we have to wrap up, he's a big dude, he's 245.

On wearing Anthony Barr's #11:

At first, last year, yeah. It's a big number. It's Anthony Barrs number, but now I don't really think about that anymore. I think about me and my game. I worry about my game.

On asking Barr if he could wear No. 11:

I asked him, I sent him a text, I think before Signing Day. I asked 'could I wear your number' and he said 'of course, you could wear my number.' It's big shoes to fill.  

On if he's heard from Barr recently:

Not that much, he's busy with the NFL.

On the best advice he got from Barr:

He told me work on your technique every single day, bulk up. When he was here, we're the same size right now, when he came here, so he just told me work on your craft every single day, before practice, after practice, eat your food. That's what he basically told me.

On his weight:

Right now, I weigh 228, 229. After this season, I want to be 235-240. But I want to leave here at 250. That's the goal.

On what the extra weight will do:

Help me work on my run game, get stronger, keep contain and of my gap, that's something I need to work on.

On if he felt pressure with Deon Hollins and Takk McKinley out:

I just do what I do, do my job. The coaches said I did fine, but I still have to work on some stuff. They said I did pretty well last week.

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