UCLA Defensive Back Adarius Pickett Growing Confident in Role

Sept. 7 -- UCLA defensive back Adarius Pickett spoke about his standout performance against Texas A&M, facing athletic quarterbacks and more ahead of the matchup with UNLV...


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On the A&M game:

It was a real good learning experience for our team. I think we took a step forward in the right direction. We were down 24-9 in the fourth quarter and we stuck together the whole time as a football team. It was unfortunate that we lost but it was a good learning experience and we'll get better from that.

On what they need to improve on:

Coming out fast, starting out fast, staying on top of things, eliminating pre-snap penalties, that will help us down the stretch. Offense, defense, special teams, all phases, I think will help us get better as a team. That was our first game and a good learning experience moving forward

On how to stop the UNLV offense:

Good gap control from the defensive line, with the front seven and then the secondary, inside outside thoughts and contain the quarterback and stop the run.

On UNLV receiver Devonte Boyd:

Devonte Boyd, we faced him last year, he's a good receiver. Good speed, uses his hands well. He's a good receiver.

On his performance against A&M:

I think I did pretty well. I could have done better. Unfortunately we lost.  I could have made more plays and done more things, but going into the next game, I'll do more.

On finally staying at safety for good:

It's helped me tremendously. I'm focused now defensively. All my offseason work is strictly for that and that's helped me a lot, knowing I'm in one position. I feel good right now.

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