Caleb Wilson on Getting More Time at TE

Sep. 8 -- Redshirt freshman tight end Caleb Wilson talks about transferring from USC, his catch against Texas A&M and getting more playing time...

Caleb Wilson talked to us this week after practice. 

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On the transfer from USC to UCLA:

The process went smoothly. I’m fortunate to be a Bruin. I’m excited to be here. It’s a great team. It went smoothly. It was different but it worked out for me.

On if he got some trash talk from teammates:

Sure, a little bit.

On his reception against A&M:

It felt good, my first one. My family is from Texas so my first reception when I got subbed in, I got a call that only comes to me, once I caught the ball, I said I gotta make a play. It was definitely exciting and I’m hungry for a lot more.

On his yards after contact:

I saw he was going to go for my legs so I thought I had to get low. He wasn’t the biggest, so I got low and kept running. I was trying to score but it didn’t work out.

On what he’s done to catch the coach’s attention:

One of my things is I’m pretty consistent with my hands and I try to catch the things thrown to me. I’m starting to play more Y and F and I’m trying to show I can learn. What sticks out to Josh (Rosen) and Coach Mora and Coach Tui is my hands.

On what he’s seen from Rosen:

Josh is a tough guy, I didn’t know he was that tough. He’s tough and resilient and he came back this week, kept his head down and worked.  He’s showed me the toughness he plays with. He took some licks and he’d get up and battle through it. I have respect for Josh. He’s doing well.

On being told he’ll get more time:

They told me, Josh told me on Sunday, he said we’re going to get you in the game more and saw some good things in yiou. I’m not going to get too high, I just want to show I can play more and will contribute to the team. The other tight ends can do things I can’t. In situations where I can contribute most, I can. 

On how key blocking is to playing time:

I want to be in every down, I don’t want to be a pass reception tight end. That’s good for a little while but being able to block and receive is scary for the defense. I’m continuing to work on and Coach Rip has us working every single day, run blocking and footwork.

On Rosen’s toughness:

For sure, when you see it on film, the quarterback of our team is the toughest on offense and I have to step my game up. When you see your quarterback work hard, and bounce back, it definitely pushes you.

On what they have to change offensively for UNLV:

I don’t think we have to change much. We have a good offensive scheme and talent across the board.  If everybody does our job, were as talented as anyone in the country.



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